La PIEL by Lana Jurčević - natural cosmetics BLOG

La PIEL by Lana Jurčević - natural cosmetics BLOG

Seed Oil In Cosmetics

Natural oils and the key to healthy and youthful skin

Oils in cosmetics will make your skin beautiful and healthy Natural vegetable oils are esters of various fatty acids, some of which are necessary f...
Proper Care Routine For Every Skin Type

A quiz that helps you determine your skin type!

We are bringing you tips and tricks so  you can easily determine your skin type! To recognize and determine your skin type are the first steps to c...
Tips And Tricks For Removing Self Tanning Product La Piel

How to remove a self-tanning product?

The dark tan that we get by using self-tanning products is a great way to quickly achieve a „fake“tan, but sometimes the wrong application or a min...
Active Ingredients In Cosmetics

Powerful ingredients in cosmetics that make your skin look perfect!

The best ingredients in cosmetics - an alphabet of ingredients that make your skin look perfect!   When you think of the ingredients of a skincare ...
Tanned And Glowy Skin Selftanning Tips La Piel

Tips and tricks for self-tanning application

Everything you need to know about getting the perfect tan with the help of a self-tanning product - without unwanted "stains"! We all know that cap...
Self Tanning Product La PIEL Lana Jurcevic

6 ways to get the perfect tan

How to get to that beautiful bronze skin tone faster and safer over the summer but also all year round? At least once in the winter, you all find y...
Hyperpigmentation Of Skin

What is hyperpigmentation and how to treat it?

What exactly lies behind facial hyperpigmentation and what is the cure? We can all agree that enjoying the sun brings us many benefits and happine...
Smile Wrinkles La Piel Natural Cosmetics By Lana Jurcevic

What causes wrinkles and how to easily reduce them?

Wrinkles, thin lines and the first signs of aging are problems that the skin encounters at an earlier age. Although the aging process is completely...
White Kaolin Clay Skincare For All Skin Types

Why white kaolin clay deserves a place in your skin care routine?

Kaolin clay draws bad from the skin and provides good! Clay has been used for cosmetic purposes for centuries, especially because it cleanses the s...
Peptides Giving Skin Youthful Look

Peptides for a youthful skin!

What are peptides and how do they help you achieve a youthful looking skin? With retinol, antioxidants, AHA acids and vitamin C increasingly presen...
Niacinamide For Healthy And Glowing Skin

Niacinamide - a universal ingredient for pretty and glowing skin

If you want your skin to be healthy and glowing, start using niacinamide - no matter what is your skin type! Every few years, a new "it" ingredient...
La PIEL LAB collection

La PIEL LAB collection

La PIEL LAB face collection A collection containing 10 active ingredients, 21 plant extracts, and 14 oils and butters and all working to make your...



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