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About us

Dear ones,

thank you for taking the time to visit us in this corner as well, because here is actually the real core and essence of what our small but enthusiastic team has been dealing with from the very beginning. Here “lies” the truth and the story behind our products.

La PIEL was created in 2018, with the goal of taking care of woman with the best natural ingredients that we pour into bottles and fill into jars. We are guided by the fact that only what we, the members of the La PIEL team, are ready to put on our skin and use, that we are only ready to offer it to you. No compromise. We produce most of the products by hand, in several stages and that is why they are unique on the market.

Due to growing global awareness and education about what we can actually find on store shelves and in cosmetics, we are even more motivated to stick to our path, vision and philosophy: we don’t want to create formulas that would be much more financially viable for us, but we don’t agree to that: because they contain harmful ingredients such as parabens, silicones, sls, petroleum products such as paraffin, kerosene, vaseline. We choose organic, natural, healthy options, regardless of their price.

The mission is to follow you in your needs and make sure you feel even more beautiful, confident and nurtured. No fear for your health <3


La PIEL j.d.o.o.
Gorice 10b
10 000 Zagreb
IBAN: HR1823600001102760454
WEBSITE: www.lapielshop.com



Join our fantastic community of thousands of beautiful women who use La PIEL products every day


Your skin is most important to us. That is why we use only the best and high quality skincare ingredients that will deeply nourish your skin.


Take advantage of free delivery for all orders over 60 EUR, as well as free return with a 90-day warranty. You don't like the product? You can return it and we will refund your money.

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