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Why only scrub is sometimes not enough?

Why exfoliation alone is sometimes not enough to make our skin look shiny and healthy and soft to the touch?

The skin is our largest organ and is the envelope of the body that is in direct contact with the outside world. It protects the body from mechanical injuries, harmful UV radiation and pathogenic organisms, i.e. it is the first line of defense against bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms.

It participates in the secretion processes performed by the skin glands and receives external stimuli through a number of receptors located in it - for heat, cold, touch, pressure and pain.

Because of all this, we must pay special attention to its care and maintenance, i.e. we must treat it regularly and in the right way. I

t is known that Cleopatra in ancient Egypt applied massage and applied sea salt peeling to the skin. The skin is extremely soft and removes dead cells and stimulates skin circulation. Body scrubsare like a dessert in the world of skin care. They shouldn’t serve as a substitute for a shower gel, but you miss the real treat if you skip the scrub completely.

Regular body peeling gives the skin a beautiful and healthy look, which is a key thing in facial and body skin care! It is a process by which we remove dead horny skin cells and encourage the growth of new healthy cells. Unlike body skin, we recommend treating facial skin with special products intended exclusively for facial care. Skin renewal and the growth of new healthy cells affect the function, structure and appearance of the skin. Regular body peeling allows the skin to tan evenly, stimulates better blood circulation, reduces or prevents skin imperfections such as hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, minor scars, ingrown hairs, etc. Exfoliation opens pores after which the skin "breathes" better and allows it to better absorb skin care such as moisturizers, serums, oils…

It is especially good to do a body scrub before going to sea. This will make your color even and flawless. Regular body scrub can improve your circulation, smooth out dry areas on the skin and cleanse the pores. Once upon a time, body scrubs might have been too harsh and rough for your skin. But the latest formulas of cosmetic products give great results, and in addition they nourish the skin.

Why is it important to do exfoliation?

  • Toxins - when the body releases toxins, one of the ways of elimination is through the skin. By peeling the skin, we eliminate toxins that are on its surface and stimulate the growth of new cells
  • Cellulite - a special peeling technique that improves circulation, ie improves the flow of blood and other body fluids, which makes the skin firmer and healthier.
  • "Skin glow" - there are various ingredients used in exfoliation. One of the most commonly used is sea salt or sugar. They in combination with other ingredients (oil, essences) give the skin a new and fresh look.
  • Relaxation - thanks to the peeling technique, movements similar to the movements in massage and the action of essential oils and salts, peeling also has a calming effect on the body and causes relaxation of the whole body.

    What types of peels are there

    Mechanical peeling uses mechanical force, i.e. it performs the physical elimination of dead skin cells. It involves the use of abrasive ingredients such as sea salt, sugar, ground coffee beans, in combination with some massage or essential oil. Unlike the body, a facial scrub needs to be much gentler, with small, round and fine abrasive ingredients.

    Another, more aggressive and effective form of mechanical peeling for facial skin is microdermabrasion. Be careful with this treatment because it thins the skin a lot, so too many frequent treatments can do more harm than good. For this form of peeling, special devices with crystal or diamond heads are used.

    Chemical peels use enzymes, fruit (AHA) and betahydroxy acids (BHAS) that release glue-like substances and thus exfoliate the skin completely by holding dead cells together. It can be gentle or quite aggressive, it all depends on the strength and type of ingredients used. Can be used for face and body. Chemical peels for the face can be stronger, while those for the body are gentler.

    Importance Of Body Scrubs Benefits

    Skin peeling is one of the treatments that removes old and dead cells from the surface layer of the skin - the epidermis. Due to the normal physiological process that involves daily cell replacement, as well as due to the possible accumulation of the same, peeling treatment is an important part of personal health hygiene. By eliminating the layer of dead cells, we prevent their accumulation on the surface, improve the skin's respiration, and thus facilitate the absorption of medicinal ingredients from various preparations that we apply to its surface. If done regularly and properly, the peeling cleanses, hydrates and gives the skin a fresher look, making it softer and smoother.

    Exfoliation should be done once to twice a week, depending on the condition of the skin. In exceptional situations, for example if the skin is extremely dry or there is a problem such as ingrown hairs, peeling can be done more often. In addition, the timely use of peels plays a big role. And seemingly healthy skin also needs occasional exfoliation to refresh it, give it an even more beautiful and radiant look, but also a healthy color. Also, it would not be bad to consult a dermatologist if you have a particular skin condition and are not sure if you are allowed to do exfoliation at all. It is usually easiest to do a body scrub in the shower or bathtub. Gently massage it into the skin in a circular motion and rinse thoroughly with warm water.


    What to pay attention to

    Always be careful with sensitive and older facial skin. We do not recommend using an exfoliation intended for the body, on the face, because the use of coarser exfoliations can cause micro damage to the facial skin.

    It is very easy to overdo the peeling. To prevent this from happening, consult your dermatologist about the product that would best suit your skin, as well as the frequency of treatment. Avoid peeling during the summer and very sunny days. Do not overdo it with microdermabrasion and chemical peels, as they can lead to the removal of the protective layer of the skin and excessive exposure of the dermis. Always take a break between exfoliation and waxing.

    Dry skin

    Even the most luxurious cream will not be able to fulfill its goal if you do not get rid of dead cells. Due to the dry air and cold climate, the natural process of exfoliation is slowed down, which means that more dead cells are retained on the surface of the skin. This leads to a feeling of tightness and sensitivity, so it is necessary to do a gentle exfoliation regularly, once or twice a week, except for sensitive and irritated skin where any kind of friction should be avoided.

    DRY skin is unfortunately one of the most common problems that many women face today. It is necessary to understand the patterns of dry skin and the factors that contribute to dry skin. Of course, skin care plays a big role, but sometimes exfoliation and various body lotions are not enough. Why?

    The skin acts as a protective barrier and is therefore exposed to both external and internal influences. Some of the INTERNAL FACTORS that affect the drying of the skin are:

    • sebaceous and sweat gland dysfunction
    • genetic deficiency of filagrin protein, which is a protective barrier against external influences and is responsible for increased water loss and dry skin
    • diabetes and kidney failure can lead to changes in skin condition
    • disintegration of the connective tissue of the skin due to which the skin has a lower ability to bind water and thus loses firmness
    • hyperpigmentation and stretch marks occur during pregnancy which can be prevented by using exfoliation (or reducing the visibility of stretch marks if they have already formed) 
    • during menopause there is a drop in estrogen levels which can also lead to dry skin

    Some of the EXTERNAL FACTORS that are extremely important and can make the skin more sensitive and prone to dryness are:

    • UV radiation, so it is extremely important to protect the skin from harmful UV radiation, especially in summer (our Sun BABE body cream with SPF 30 took care of that)
    • in winter low temperatures reduce the secretion of sebaceous glands and cause dry skin
    • low humidity can cause skin dehydration
    • aggressive cleaning agents, detergents, laundry products, soaps and other hygiene products ..
    • dry skin can be a side effect of some medications
    • stress also affects the appearance of dry skin

    In addition to cosmetics for dry skin, hydrate on the inside - drink plenty of water and herbal teas. And to further moisturize the body, include in your daily diet foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids that have a beneficial effect on the skin, such as cold-pressed flaxseed oil, fish, nuts and avocados.

    Every dermatologist will tell you that the basic care of the skin involves regular hydration, with appropriate moisturizing creams that protect it from moisture loss. For the best effect, healthy, nourished and hydrated skin, we suggest our Hydra BABE body milk, which in addition to 7 oils, also contains coenzyme Q10, but also hyaluronic acid, which is one of the largest humectants that bind water and keep skin hydrated and healthy, soft to the touch. Proper nutrition and sufficient amount of water, physical activity and good sleep are important for skin regeneration and renewal.

    Mechanical peels like our Sugar, Coffee and Matcha BABE body scrubs, contain tiny particles of salt or sugar and mechanically remove dead cells from the surface of the skin. In addition to natural grains, our peels contain ingredients that leave the skin soft, smooth, fragrant and nourished. These are, for example, jojoba oil, almonds, wheat germ, avocado, argan, macadamia, shea butter, vitamin E… The smell of orange and vanilla, the smell of chocolate, orange and coffee... Or the smell of citrus? Depending on what you like :)

    Body scrubs can be combined with massage, and they are often introductory procedures in some specialized treatments because they clean the skin, stimulate circulation and lymphatic system and prepare the body for massage, thus enabling easier penetration of medicinal ingredients into deeper layers of the skin.

    Maintaining good health and appearance through spa treatments can be very beneficial, which is why body scrubs are one of the great ways to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. If you are thinking of visiting one of the spas, definitely include an exfoliating treatment in your choice, and if you just want to do it at home, don't wait long. The benefits are amazing.


    The skin is our largest organ, so take care of it <3

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