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What causes wrinkles and how to easily reduce them?

Wrinkles, thin lines and the first signs of aging are problems that the skin encounters at an earlier age.

Although the aging process is completely natural and inevitable for everyone, noticing the first openings on the face is not a pleasant experience for any woman. Everyone knows that skin loses elasticity with age, which is an important step to create thin lines and wrinkles , but where do they actually come from?

What causes wrinkles?

Wrinkles are an inevitable part of aging, but there are many internal and external factors that can accelerate the development and formation of a bora. Wrinkles are most often caused by several factors:

Wrinkles And Thin And Fine Lines Aging Skin
  • AGING - With aging, smooth skin slowly disappears because the number of substances that make our skin smooth is declining. These substances are actually collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. In young skin, the proper arrangement of dermal tissue, collagen and elastin contribute to the building of skin structures whose main characteristics are a uniform complexion and skin firmness. Over time, the internal aging process, which is inscribed in our genes, and oxidative stress, caused by external factors (such as sun exposure), begin to affect the appearance of the skin. Every year, collagen in the body drops by as much as 1%, which in combination with the weakening structure of the dermal tissue causes a loss of skin firmness and the appearance of a bora . Aging also reduces the ability to retain moisture and create oil, all of which contribute to the wrinkle formation process.
  • FACIAL MUSCLE CONTRACTIONS - The gap between the eyebrows, as well as the opening around the eyes, is the result of muscle contractions. Smiling, frowning, squinting, and other common facial expressions cause these wrinkles to become more pronounced. Over time, such wells, with the added gravity of “help,” create pads and relaxed eyelids on the face.
  • SUNLIGHT - Prolonged and excessive sun exposure damages the skin and causes collagen damage leading to additional weakening of elastic, weakened skin structures which will be more susceptible to bora formation. To prevent the negative effects of the sun on the skin and delay the formation of the bora, try to avoid direct sunlight from 10 am to 4 pm and apply SPF sunscreen every day, even in winter when it is cloudy. If the skin is unprotected when exposed to the sun, UV rays can contribute to the formation of a bora
  • SKIN DRYNESS - As a result of reduced skin function, older skin becomes increasingly dry and prone to problems such as itchy and rough skin. Among other factors, this is caused by reduced production of hyaluronic acids in the skin. Hyaluronic acid is a binder that surrounds the cell and gives the skin a youthful appearance and smoothness. Decreasing these natural substances in the skin means a disorder in the structure of the skin that becomes more susceptible to the formation of bora.
  • SMOKING - Oxidative stress by stimulating and smoking that allows free radicals to damage skin structures and contribute to general signs of aging including bore. In addition, nicotine and chemicals in cigarettes damage collagen and elastin in the skin . To affect strength and elasticity, it can also cause bores. Premature wrinkles are another very good reason to quit smoking or never start.

What are the types of wrinkles?

In addition to a regular skin care routine, the strongest weapon in the fight against the formation of unwanted wrinkles on the face and alleviate existing ones is - knowledge. There are five types of wrinkles, each caused by different external and internal factors.

  1. WRINKLES AS DRY LINES - As the name suggests, the cause of dry lines is lack of water . Our body consists of about 75% water, so it is not surprising that even the slightest change in the hydration of the body causes problems. Without enough water, the skin cannot regenerate or effectively form new cells, and thus its firmness is impaired. Lines and wrinkles on the face caused by drying are most common wrinkles on the forehead , and you can check if you are a "victim" of such wrinkles with a simple test: raise your eyebrows, watch how the lines appear and if they stay when you lower your eyebrows, it is very likely that this is exactly the type of wrinkle. The simplest way to avoid such lines is - hydration. In addition to getting enough water in your body, choose products whose main ingredient is hyaluronic acid, an ingredient that dermatologists recommend for filling and hydrating the skin. 
    Smile Wrinkles La Piel Natural Cosmetics By Lana Jurcevic
  2. EXPRESSIVE WRINKLES - Laughter, blinking, frowning… All repetitive actions, ie facial muscle contractions, can lead to wrinkles where the skin wrinkles - especially as we age. Although the term "expressive wrinkles" seems extremely serious, they are actually the "most positive" wrinkles - smile wrinkles that appear around the eyes and lips.
  3. AGE WRINKLES - With age, our skin loses firmness, collagen and elastin, which are responsible for skin elasticity, are produced in smaller quantities, which makes the skin sag. Wrinkles cannot be prevented, but they can be slowed down . Such wrinkles are usually found on the forehead, around the eyes and lips, and the good news is that aging wrinkles are less visible than other types of wrinkles.
  4. SLEEP WRINKLES - When talking about wrinkles, everyone first (and often only) thinks of those that appear on the face. Sleep wrinkles usually occur on the décolleté - thin lines are formed between and above the curve of the chest, but also on the face if you sleep on your stomach, heads firmly pressed against the pillow. The solution is to sleep on your back.
  5. "DAILY" WRINKLES - Almost 50% of women think they look older in the evening than when they wake up in the morning. And that's not a fallacy - it's a phenomenon called "daily skin aging" . All external factors such as wind and cold in winter, sun in summer, pollution throughout the year and unhealthy habits like smoking, upset the balance of the epidermis. The consequences of this are less visible in youth, for the reason that the skin regenerates within six hours while we sleep. On the other hand, older skin needs as much as six times longer for the same renewal process! A simple calculation leads to the conclusion that there are simply not enough hours a day for a thorough renewal of "adult skin".

Where do wrinkles most often appear?

Wrinkles on the face usually first appear in the following areas:

Wrinkles On The Forehead Lack Of Hydration
  • forehead wrinkles - You may notice horizontal lines and wrinkles between your eyebrows on your forehead. They start as "mimic wrinkles" and are partly caused by facial expressions, and deepen over time.
  • Eye wrinkles - Eye wrinkles appear on the outer corners of the eyes as tiny wrinkles, which become more pronounced over time. They are known as "laugh wrinkles", and these wrinkles are usually the first to be noticed. They occur because the thicker skin in that area is more prone to wrinkles than any other area of ​​the face.

  • Wrinkles around the lips (nasolabial folds) - Deeper wrinkles appear from the nose to the mouth and connect the two areas. These wrinkles are known as nasolabial folds, and the appearance of these wrinkles can be associated with volume loss because they are also a sign of sagging skin.

Over time, fine lines appear all over the face due to aging . They are not affected by facial expression and are always visible. They first manifest as slightly wrinkled parts of the skin that gradually grow into more pronounced wrinkles with age, and a decrease in elasticity and density contributes to their formation. They appear on all parts of the face, but are most noticeable around and below the eye area.

What is the prevention of wrinkles?

The lines that will sooner or later beautify your face will depend on several factors, including genes and lifestyle. The genes or effect of gravity cannot be changed, but we can do our best to prevent skin damage that could be the cause of wounds or more prominent wrinkles. Here are some tips to protect your skin and reduce wrinkles:

  1. Sun protection skin

  2. Healthy lifestyle

  3. Deep hydration

  4. Select adequate care products

Protect your skin from the sun!

You already know that the sun is one of the leading causes of skin damage, but we cannot spend our lives living under a glass bell. UV rays and other free radicals like air pollution cause oxidative stress in our bodies, which in turn can lead to wrinkles. The biggest weapon in the fight against the sun is certainly a good SPF sunscreen . To prevent and repair daily skin damage, it also helps to apply an antioxidant serum such as vitamin C. Limit time spent in the sun, especially at noon, and always wear protective clothing, such as a wide-brimmed hat, long-sleeved shirt and sunglasses. Also, use SPF sunscreen all year round!

Whenever possible, lead a healthy lifestyle!

Beautiful and radiant skin starts with the way we eat, but there are especially healthy foods that can help you even slow down skin aging! Some of these foods are red peppers, papayas, blueberries, broccoli, spinach, nuts, avocados, sweet potatoes and pomegranate seeds . Consumption of sugar and alcohol can also accelerate skin aging, so indulge in moderation. Skip smoking as well, which is a major health hazard and can make you look older than you are. Exercise, rest, and stress reduction , on the other hand, can reduce and potentially even reverse the visible and invisible signs of aging with age.

Choose care products based on your skin condition!

  • No signs of wrinkles on your skin yet? Keep your product arsenal simple, and the multi-purpose product we recommend is wild rose oil which serves as a moisturizer, brightener, antioxidant, collagen booster and more. 
  • Do you feel that your skin becomes dry with age? Start using hyaluron which enhances skin elasticity and moisture. This will be your new best friend that will keep your skin youthful and healthy.
  • Are you starting to feel sagging skin and notice wrinkles on your face? Retinoids and vitamin C serum are excellent anti-wrinkle fighters and reduce fine lines and dark circles.

Deep hydration

Daily hydration is essential no matter what your skin type and condition . When the skin is dry, it loses its elasticity and breaks more easily. Choose a product that suits your skin type and does not cause irritation, and moisturizer is recommended for use after cleansing the face to "lock" moisture on the skin. Hydra-Soothing fluid, a non-greasy moisturizing milk, repairs and nourishes skin with shea butter and apricot kernel oil.

How to reduce the visibility of wrinkles?

Anti Wrinkle Cream And Serum Solution For Wrinkles And Thin And Fine Lines

The general answer to this question is anti-wrinkle cream and serum, but the key to removing wrinkles are antioxidants, vitamins, skin lighteners, as well as those ingredients that hydrate the skin well. A more precise list of ingredients, of which a good anti-wrinkle cream and serum should contain at least one, looks like this:

  • VITAMIN C - The main benefits of using vitamin C are collagen production, skin regeneration and inflammation reduction. Collagen is extremely important for the rejuvenated appearance of the skin and the alleviation of wrinkles, and vitamin C can be important even if you have acne in addition to wrinkles . Vitamin C also has antioxidant properties and neutralizes free radicals that have a detrimental effect on skin cells and their appearance. Another benefit of this vitamin is that it affects the lightening of dark spots. If this sign of aging is your priority for removal, opt for vitamin C serum.
  • RETINOL - Recently extremely popular, retinol (a derivative of vitamin A) is an essential ingredient in creams and serums if you want to help your skin cells regenerate. When the skin is regenerated, it looks fresher and younger. Retinol is an excellent antioxidant, visibly relieves wrinkles and can delay the formation of wrinkles . But since retinol can cause irritation, be careful if your skin is sensitive. Also keep in mind that retinol can cause sensitivity to the sun, so retinol serum is generally recommended as a step of evening facial care.
  • HYALURONIC ACID - This ingredient has the nickname “natural moisturizer” because it hydrates the skin and reduces its dryness which is a common sign of aging. At the same time, the skin will not become oily from hyaluronic acid, but smooth and free of wrinkles, lines and irregularities. Hyaluronic acid as a natural acid is special because of its molecules that can hold 1000 times more water than their own weight. A serum or cream with hyaluronic acid will be the right step to restore natural moisture and elasticity to your skin.
  • GLYCOLIC ACID - The active substance belonging to alpha hydroxy (AHA) acids has a deep effect and stimulates the regeneration of skin cells. The results of using AHA acids are the removal of dead skin cells from the surface, a uniform complexion, reduced wrinkles and taut skin.
  • CERAMIDES - Ceramides, fat molecules found in the skin's membrane, give the skin a fresh look. Their lack leads to dry skin and a feeling of tightness, and such skin is more prone to wrinkles. That is why ceramides, as compounds that maintain moisture, are a common and unavoidable ingredient when it comes to anti-wrinkle cosmetics.
  • COENZYME Q10 - Coenzyme Q10 is mentioned as a rejuvenation factor and a major player in the fight against wrinkles. As an ingredient in cosmetics, it helps your body produce collagen and elastin, which can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Wrinkles are the map of your life!

Don't refrain from expressing joy, happiness or other feelings. Our fine lines can represent moments worth living like the unbridled laughter and smiles that stretched across our faces. Accept wrinkles as they are - traces of your years lived to the fullest and without regret . What's nicer than that?


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