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Natural oils and the key to healthy and youthful skin

Oils in cosmetics will make your skin beautiful and healthy

Natural vegetable oils are esters of various fatty acids, some of which are necessary for our body. Applying vegetable oils in skin care is one of the most natural ways to keep your skin youthful, hydrated and nourished.

Many people think that vegetable oils leave a greasy mark on the skin, but this perception is completely wrong! Unlike mineral oils and synthetic components, which remain on the surface of the skin and cause a problem called clogging of the pores, oils do not stay on the surface of the skin but are absorbed into the skin , nourish and hydrate it.

Oil For Skin Care

Vegetable oils contain lipids that are also found in the surface layer of the skin, making them an ideal choice for skin care. However, one should be careful with oils because it is important that the vegetable oils we use in skin care have a guaranteed origin and cosmetic quality, and in order to preserve the valuable ingredients of vegetable oils, they must not be heated above 60-70 ° C.

Below we will single out some perhaps lesser known, but extremely effective natural vegetable oils.

Argan oil

Argan oil is one of the most stable oils, and its main ingredients are oleic and linoleic acid, carotene and vitamin E. Because it contains large amounts of vitamin E, argan oil is especially suitable if your skin is dry, mature or prone. borama. Argan oil has tasks such as skin soothing, skin regeneration and anti-inflammatory action , so it is helpful in treating skin problems such as seborrhea, dermatitis and psoriasis. It also has an anti-allergic effect, is suitable for the regeneration of damaged skin, and has an effect on stretch marks. As can be seen, argan can be used as a solution for various skin problems , but also in a variety of skin care. In addition to having an enviable anti-wrinkle and scar healing effect, argan oil can also be used for skin irritations and inflammation, as an oily skin care for regulating sebum secretion, as an eczema skin care and for psoriasis.

Almond oil

The use of almond oil in cosmetics is diverse. Almond oil is suitable for the care of dry and sensitive skin, hair and nail care, is an indispensable base oil for massage, and is also used in aromatherapy. In addition, almond oil can also be used as a daily facial care, as it does not clog pores. Almond oil contains many ingredients that are necessary for your skin to be healthy and nourished. It is suitable as a care for all skin types, and is a successful fighter against skin problems such as dermatitis, inflammation, burns, eczema, psoriasis . Since it boasts benefits such as soothing inflammation, almond oil is especially recommended as a care for dry and sensitive skin. Almond oil provides elasticity to the skin and is therefore very often used in pregnancy as a prevention of stretch marks and cellulite, as well as wrinkles . In addition to being responsible for moisturizing, protecting and nourishing the skin, the result of using almond oil is soft and silky skin, slowing down skin aging and improved skin tone.


Almond Oil For Healthy Skin

Coconut oil

Coconut oil contains an excellent combination of saturated fatty acids, which help strengthen the skin's natural barrier and restore the skin's hydro-lipid protective layer. Therefore, coconut oil is excellent in processes essential for maintaining healthy skin, such as regeneration and hydration of dry skin , but also hair. Also, cold-pressed coconut oil in small quantities contains vitamin E, which is known for its main task - protection of cells from oxidative damage. Coconut oil enhances its rejuvenating, softening and moisturizing effects by having a fast-absorbing effect, and as an added bonus, it also has antibacterial and antifungal effects.

Sesame oil

Sesame oil, which many call a miracle of nature among oils, is extremely useful for treating skin irritations, various skin irregularities and diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. Weakened microcirculation after the use of sesame oil is no longer a problem, and it is also successful in healing scratches, wounds and other skin damage and affects the reduction of scars. Sesame oil binds oil-soluble toxins, so it is ideal for cleansing the skin and removing impurities from the pores. High amounts of vitamin E affect wrinkle prevention and skin aging , which can often be premature. The mineral zinc from sesame oil also helps to combat skin imperfections such as rashes, acne, pimples and blackheads. Sesame seed oil has an antibacterial effect, so its application on the skin helps with fungal and bacterial infections. The special skin care around the eyes is grateful for sesame oil. The eyelids and the skin around the eyes are especially sensitive, and it is in these places that we first notice wrinkles, but with the help of sesame oil, these "critical" places will be nourished, moisturized and smoothed, because sesame oil stimulates collagen production.

Avocado oil

Avocado oil can restore softness, elasticity and a healthy glow to your dry skin. Antioxidants, good fats, vitamins and essential fatty acids are the ingredients by which avocado oil nourishes skin cells. Avocado oil is a rich source of unsaturated fatty acids, and these fats have anti-inflammatory effects - they are key to soothing and soothing skin that is inflamed and prone to acne , reduce redness and photodamage and improve skin elasticity, resulting in so-called ironing wrinkles . In addition, avocado oil contains carotenoids, especially lutein, which is an important antioxidant that has a rejuvenating effect and protects the skin from damage caused by UV radiation. It also contains chlorophyll, which has an antioxidant effect that is crucial for protecting the skin from the symptoms of aging.

Avocado Oil Skin Benefits

Wild rose oil

Wild rose fruit oil is extremely rich in omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids that regulate skin elasticity and carotenoids. It contains lycopene and vitamins A, C and E, which are antioxidants that serve to neutralize free radicals, and also show action against wrinkles, skin aging and scarring. Thanks to vitamin C, the oil can also be used to lighten and even out complexions, and is also an excellent natural treatment for relieving hyperpigmentation . Wild rose oil is used to protect the healthy skin barrier, regenerate skin cells and protect the skin from harmful external effects, and for premature aging. Cold pressed wild rose fruit oil hydrates and revitalizes the skin, increases elasticity and stimulates collagen formation. Wild rose fruit oil contains high concentrations of retinoic acid, whose effective skin regeneration has been clinically proven. Due to retinoic acid, wild rose oil is responsible for repairing damaged tissue, reducing scars, healing wounds, relieving burns, speeding up the healing of acne and eczema problems . Wild rose oil is great for all skin types, especially if your skin is dry and like anti-wrinkle care.

Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is a miraculous natural essential oil, which is basically a liquid wax collected and produced from the seeds of the jojoba tree. Wax is special compared to other vegetable oils precisely because of its composition, which is similar to human sebum. As it matches the composition of the skin perfectly, jojoba oil has an excellent anti-wrinkle effect and is extremely effective for dry skin. Jojoba oil is an effective skin protection because it maintains its moisture and softens it. Today, jojoba is used to treat acne, but also to reduce sebum production . Due to its rich natural hydrating properties, jojoba oil is a popular cosmetic product and is quickly absorbed into the skin. Since it is similar to human sebum, the result of using jojoba oil can only be soft and hydrated skin. If your problem is oily skin, you no longer have to worry about a problem called acne and pimples because jojoba oil manages to balance the skin’s sebum production.

Seed Oil For Glowing Skin

Macadamia oil

Macadamia oil contains linoleic acid, which is very important for skin care because it is responsible for maintaining a moist epidermis. It contains antioxidants and vitamin E, whose task is to prevent skin damage and prevent the formation of new wrinkles . Both dry and oily skin can benefit from using macadamia oil because the oil is responsible for reducing the signs of skin aging and improving skin texture. On the other hand, macadamia oil is quickly absorbed and does not leave a greasy layer on the skin. Some of the other benefits of macadamia oil for the face are hydrating the skin, reducing age spots and softening and moisturizing dry and chapped skin. Macadamia oil has an anti-allergic effect that helps heal various skin lesions such as wounds, burns, scars, scratches, acne and pimples.

Apricot oil

Apricot oil is suitable for the care of all skin types precisely because of its special composition and light texture. Due to its versatile use, we can use it on oily and dry skin with equal results. Apricot oil is characterized by an airy texture that nourishes oily facial skin without making it greasy. Apricot oil is also nourishing enough to provide dry skin with the necessary care and protection throughout the year. Apricot kernel oil is also recommended for combination skin and is an ideal choice for people who decide to take care of their skin with natural oils for the first time because with a few drops of this oil you will not miss any part of the body wanted to nurture. Sensitive skin will also notice improvement and reduction of irritated areas. Problematic skin prone to acne and pimples can have many benefits from the anti-inflammatory properties of apricot kernel oil. In addition to having a strong antioxidant effect and recovering the skin after inflammation, apricot kernel oil helps balance skin prone to hormonal cystic acne.

Seed Oil In Cosmetics

Evening primrose oil

Evening primrose oil, which is referred to in the literature as a "universal royal remedy" , has been part of preparations for the treatment of eczema, psoriasis and dry skin since the 1930s. Evening primrose oil contains ingredients such as linoleic and linoleic acid, which is why evening primrose is considered the richest source of essential fatty acids, also known as vitamin F, whose concentration in the skin is key to stopping inflammatory and anti-inflammatory processes . Unsaturated fatty acids from evening primrose oil help the skin to build a natural barrier to environmental factors, normalize water loss from the body, neutralize free radicals and prevent their re-formation. After a long, daily application, evening primrose oil shows results of use such as relieving symptoms of redness, eczema, permanent itching, removing dryness and improving skin elasticity, giving a smooth and perfect skin appearance, and has a great effect on reducing skin inflammation caused by bacteria. >

Wheat germ oil

Wheat germ oil today serves as one of the best natural balms that nourishes but also protects the skin from external influences. Interestingly, wheat germ oil contains almost 7 times more vitamin E than other oils , and it also acts as a very powerful antioxidant. So, vitamin E is a powerful natural antioxidant, which is why this oil is very useful for the care, but also the health of facial skin. Wheat germ oil helps in situations when the skin is dry, rough, irritated by weather conditions, susceptible to allergic reactions, eczema, but also superficial injuries or damage. But just as the good old saying goes "better to prevent than to cure" so wheat germ oil is used preventively even when no skin damage is visible. Vitamin A provitamin, or beta carotene, helps the skin to strengthen its resistance to harmful sun rays. That is why beta carotene is used as a kind of skin preparation for sun exposure .

Grape seed oil

Many people use grape seed oil for their skin, especially because of its emollient properties. This oil can be found in a wide range of cosmetic products such as moisturizer, sunscreen, lotion and lip balm. Grape seed oil is also a good protection against sun damage. It has astringent properties, so it helps tighten the skin , and vitamin E, which is found in the oil, gives the results of smooth and shiny skin. Grape seed oil for face can also be used against acne scars, to treat hyperpigmentation spots and other skin lesions . The oil is easily absorbed and also helps to reduce the signs of aging, sunburn and scarring. Grape seed oil is sufficiently nourishing for the care of all skin types, and due to its texture and effect on sebum secretion, it is especially interesting for the care of oily skin.


Oils For Acne Prone Skin


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