Face skincare with La PIEL LAB. collection

La PIEL LAB collection

La PIEL LAB face collection

A collection containing 10 active ingredients, 22 plant extracts, and 17 oils and butters and all working to make your skin healthy, clean, naturally radiant, even, to maintain or restore freshness and youthfulness, structure and tone.

La Piel Prirodna Kozmetika Za Njegu Lica



Since the day one, La PIEL wanted to be the type of brand that would make women feel safe by creating clean skincare formulas and not making them think or being concerned about the ingredient lists of products they are using. We have always been inspired by nature and natural ingredients, but the time has come to make a step up and give science a big role in creating our new collections.



"What is behind a pretty packaging" - question that is asked more often. With us - you don't have to worry. We will take care of our customers in a most delicate, competent and loyal way, just as if we would create products for ourselves. We wanted to offer high quality and powerful formulations. That's why we created La PIEL LAB. Collection with 10 active ingredients, 21 herbal extracts and 14 organic oils



Young, but also more mature women.

Women from 25 - 35 years old: our ingredients prevent their skin from losing it's elasticity, hydratation, most important elements that make women's skin radiant, healthy and glowy. We also wanted to make their skin texture and tone as equalized possible, with ingredients that work for them.

Women older than 35: we want to erase traces of time, sun and other external damage caused throughout the years. We want to strengthen, revitalize, plump, awake and boost their skin.




Miss Lana Jurcevic, founder of La PIEL

Lana Jurcevic La Piel Brend Prirodne Kozmetike

With more than 10 years of successful music career, after which she signed international music contract for Warner music, Lana has always been a big skincare fan. She has been a brand ambassador for big brands like Loreal, Nestle, Reebok, Microsoft and has always promoted healthy lifestyle. She has always been educating her followers and fans about skincare, cosmetic ingredients and has always been known as a person with "perfect skin" that almost doesn't age. Lana is involved in absolutely every process of creating products and supporting women from all aspects. She is the one that has a specific idea of what she wants and which ingredients she wants to have integrated in La PIEL products. Lana is also creative director of the brand.



Behind our formulas is a team of experts with more than 25 years of experience in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry who turn Lana's creative ideas and desired ingredients into reality. They are open to new and innovative ideas, the various challenges we face today, and most importantly, the challenges of formulating our products.

We have involved dermatologists and pharmacists in the project in order to obtain the necessary information for further progress and development in accordance with the needs and expectations of our future users.

Tanja Vrcic Dermatolog La Piel Prirodna Kozmetika Za Lice



 "Incredibly powerful and effective formulas." - dr.spec.derm. Tanja Vrčić





No image editing program was used for this campaign. The skin remained completely "raw" and as it really is. Our desire was to show reality and remind women to have self-confidence regardless of the challenges with their skin and to remind them that photo manipulation is constantly happening in the various beauty campaigns we encounter. This is certainly not one of them.



The high-quality and advanced formula gives a healthy look. In addition to providing the skin with elasticity, firmness, evenness of texture and tone, the combination of powerful ingredients in young skin helps prevent wrinkles and slow down skin aging, while in more mature skin it smoothes existing small wrinkles and prevents the appearance of new ones. Helps fight minor hyperpigmentation and scarring, blackheads, acne.. Cleanses the skin, unclogs pores and makes visually smaller. The benefits of as many as 10 active ingredients, 22 herbal extracts, 2 mineral clays and 17 oils and butters give the face freshness and youthfulness.


Formulations without the addition of parabens, alcohol, SLS/SLES, PEG, silicone, synthetic fragrances and other irritants. Dermatologically tested. Manufactured in CROATIA. Not tested on animals.


A unique and powerful scientific formula

10 active ingredients intensively hydrate, regenerate and deeply moisturize the skin, have an anti-aging effect (prevent the appearance of new wrinkles, smooth existing wrinkles), soothe redness and itching, give the skin elasticity and even texture and tone. We also added glycerin to the formula, which is one of the strongest moisturizers that contains moisture and provides superior hydration.

Active Ingredients In Cosmetics La Piel Natural Skincare
copper peptides
hyaluronic acid
glycolic acid
vitamines (E i F)


    The formula also contains many other ingredients that are necessary for the healthy appearance of the skin due to their benefits - herbal extracts, oils, butters, mineral clays (kaolin and bentonite - remove impurities from the pores because even the smallest impurities can clog pores and cause imperfections). 

    The addition of as many as 17 oils and butters in a properly balanced proportion allows the skin to hydrate, alleviates and reduces redness and irritation, smoothes and enhances its elasticity, helps fight wrinkles, and oils are essential in the production of collagen and are rich in vitamins and fatty acids. are necessary for a youthful and fresh looking skin.

    • avocado oil
    • jojoba oil
    • wheat germ oil
    • almond oil
    • sesame oil
    • squalane 
    • raspberry oil
    • mimosa oil
    • argan oil
    • coconut oil
    • macadamia oil
    • evening primrose oil
    • grape seed oil
    • wild rose fruit oil
    • apricot kernel oil
    • mango butter
    • shea butter


    Herbal Extracts Natural Skincare Products For Face La Piel
















    Herbal extracts in addition to the antioxidant effect, they prevent moisture loss from the skin, prevent the breakdown of collagen and help regulate sebum production

    • rose water
    • algae
    • turmeric
    • ginger
    • aloe vera
    • linden flower
    • peppermint
    • oat
    • marshmallow root
    • pomegranate seed
    • fig 
    • daisy
    • gotu kola
    • Tahitian gardenia
    • witch hazel
    • ginkgo
    • green tea
    • cranberry
    • calendula
    • white tea
    • chamomile
    • comfrey
    • carrot




    Gentle cleansing foam and makeup remover - Find our more

     8 biljnih ekstrakata, glicerin, pantenol, ulje marelice. SLS free. 5,5 pH.

    Cleansing Foam And Makeup Remover La Piel Natural Cosmetics


    Multipurpose balm for face cleansing, to remove make up, for eye area, lips and any dry and dehydrated areas - Find out more

    99% natural product. Rich oils (coconut, avocado), shea butter, cocoa butter, vitamin E.

    Multipurpose Balm For Face Cleansing And To Remove Make Up La Piel Natural Cosmetics


    Moisturizing and extremely nourishing face cream - Find out more

    Cosmopolitan beauty award winner!

    6 active ingredients, 7 herbal extracts, 5 oils, 2 butters.

    Hydrating Face Cream Natural Cosmetics La Piel

    Lipo serum with 8 rich oils - Find out more

    99% natural. 8 rich oils, herbal extracts, vitamine E&F.

    La Piel Oily Lipo Serum For Face With Rich Oils Dry Skin All Skin Types

    Extremely regenerating and nourishing face mask - Find out more

    Value4Money award winner!

    7 active ingredients, 2 mineral clays (kaoline, bentonite), 10 herbal extracts, 6 oils..

    Regenerative Face Mask For All Skin Types La Piel Natural Cosmetics


     "Superpower liquid"exfoliating liquid with AHA glycolic acid - Find out more

     Glycolic acid, panthenol, glycerine, 8 herbal extracts, 4 oils.

    Aha Glycolic Acid Face Peeling La Piel Natural Cosmetics




    Gift: multipurpose face sponge





    Scientific approach to product formulation will provide your skin with all the nutrients it needs. Daily use of face cream and foam for cleansing the face and removing makeup, occasionally (once a week to once every two weeks) using a face mask and exfoliating liquid will provide exceptional care and deep hydration to the skin, clean pores and restore its radiance and fullness, and your skin will be nourished, healthy, fresh and smooth.

    Natural Organic Skincare Cruelty Free Cosmetics La Piel



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