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Jojoba oil: How can Inca gold benefit You?

Meet the many charms of the miraculous jojoba oil!

Natural oils as the main ingredients in cosmetics have certainly shone and arrived at the big door. Facial oils, hair oils, body oils, all-in-one oils - they’re everywhere. But how to decipher them and choose the right one between them? Although there are plenty of amazing oils, we have one that we can tell you for sure will work wonders on your skin and hair - jojoba oil! You may have already convinced yourself that jojoba oil is a hero in itself, and you may have heard of this powerful ingredient in some of your products. Whatever group you belong to, keep reading because we have all the details about this superstar, including what it is, where, how and when to use it and much more.


What is exactly jojoba oil?

Jojoba Oil For Healthy And Beautiful Skin And Hair

Learning about the rich world of vegetable and essential oils, it seems like every nation has its “gold” - argan is especially prized in Morocco, shea butter in Africa, and Inca gold was jojoba.

Jojoba or Simmondsia chinensis is a drought-resistant shrub native to southern Arizona, California and Mexico and grows wild in desert areas. It takes more than 10 years of growth for this plant to reach its maturity. The fruits are formed only on female stems, and by cold pressing a wax of a pale golden color is obtained. Although its highlight in beauty products is a relatively recent phenomenon, jojoba oil has been used for centuries - members of various American nations have used it since the 14th century for its healing properties for wounds. The Incas used jojoba to care for the skin in a dry desert climate, in inflammatory processes and in the treatment of scratches. Their knowledge was later taken over by Spanish missionaries, and today jojoba is used in various cosmetic preparations to alleviate and prevent skin problems of a wide range, for hair care and because it has rich healing properties. Jojoba oil is also used to treat acne, but also to reduce sebum production. Jojoba oil extremely protects the skin because it maintains its moisture and softens it. Wax is special compared to other vegetable oils precisely because of its composition, which is similar to human sebum. As it matches the composition of the skin perfectly, jojoba oil works great to prevent wrinkles and is extremely effective for dry skin care.

How is it obtained and what are the key ingredients of jojoba oil?

Indian tradition calls this plant Hohowi, which is primarily used because of the seeds of this plant. In the strict sense of the word, jojoba oil is technically not an oil, but more a wax. It is difficult to digest, so it is rarely used in the diet, but its healing properties are quickly revealed when applied as an ointment. The jojoba plant grows like a tree that branches into a bush. It is an evergreen plant, and its tree does not grow more than 4-5 meters. On average, when planted, it takes three years to bloom.

Jojoba Oil Seeds

The seeds used for jojoba oil are produced by a female plant that is pollinated by the male part of the plant. The seeds themselves resemble coffee seeds, although they are not always of the same regular shape. Moreover, the seed is far larger than the coffee seed. The oil produced by jojoba seeds is basically a polyunsaturated wax that is liquid at room temperature. It does not break down easily, which is great news, because you can easily store and store it because of this property.

In its natural form, jojoba oil is light golden in color, while in its processed form it is completely transparent. It has no odor, and its structure is similar to the natural oils of the human body, i.e. sebum, which guarantees that the skin will react better to it. It is completely safe to use because it does not contain toxins, and it also has anticomedogenic and antibacterial properties. It acts as a natural antioxidant and protects hair and skin from external infections. It is also not considered an allergen, so there is no risk of allergies if you are prone to them.

Although everyone calls it oil, and we will continue to make things simpler and more understandable, the fact that jojoba oil is actually wax is a big part of what makes it so unique. Wax esters are the main component of human sebum, which means that jojoba oil mimics natural sebum, i.e. it is responsible for the formation and retention of moisture in the skin, without clogging the pores or the formation (or worsening) of acne. So, jojoba oil is the closest to your skin’s natural oil! This is also why it can help balance oil production while giving you a light, fat-free feeling. Another reason that speaks in favor of the fact that this oil is not actually an oil that suits your needs is that the wax or jojoba oil is more stable and has a longer shelf life than most oils. This combined with the fact that it matches so nicely with most of the other ingredients and it’s no surprise that jojoba oil can be found in a wide range of skin care, hair care and makeup products. Even jojoba grains, which are popular (and a much more environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic micro grains) as an exfoliating ingredient, come from jojoba oil.

As for the chemical composition of jojoba oil, you will be glad to hear that it is rich in all the nutrients that your skin and hair need to keep their shine and beauty at the highest possible level. Some of the ingredients that are important for your care and that can be found in jojoba oil are: vitamin E, vitamin B complex, zinc iodine, copper, chromium, fatty acids (eruca, gadoleic and oleic acid), selenium, etc.

Jojoba oil provides many benefits to your face and body!

No matter what form or formula it comes in, the long list of benefits that jojoba oil provides to your skin remains the same.

  • Help maintain skin moisture: Jojoba oil is an excellent treatment for all skin types because its task is to hydrate the skin in a natural way. After removing dirt and excess sebum, jojoba oil leaves a protective layer that penetrates the skin and hydrates it from within. This prevents the skin from drying out, and at the same time provides protection against possible damage that later contributes to the formation of scars and wrinkles. As with other oils, jojoba oil is great for soothing, softening and smoothing your complexion, and when combined with occlusive ingredients such as beeswax, it also helps protect the skin barrier, reducing transepidermal water moisture loss. Dry skin is just as vulnerable as oily, only in slightly different ways. Bacteria are harder to accumulate on dry skin, but it is easier to irritate external changes (wind, cold air, precipitation, sun, etc.), which is why such skin needs proper care. Jojoba oil not only hydrates the skin, but is also responsible for retaining water and moisturizing ingredients inside the skin. It also benefits from the fact that jojoba oil works equally well on the skin day and night, so it doesn't really matter if you apply it with a morning or night care routine.
    Jojoba Oil Anti-Inflammatory Properties For Healthy Skin
    • Anti-inflammatory properties for soothing the skin: Are you suffering from eczema, rosacea or a generally sensitive complexion? Jojoba oil is the perfect way to reduce redness and keep your skin calm and comfortable. In addition to the vitamin E found in the oil, jojoba oil is also a good source of vitamin B-complex. These vitamins, along with anti-inflammatory effects, make jojoba oil useful for wound healing, which is why the Incas originally started using it all these years ago. We can tell you with certainty that jojoba oil acts as a natural remedy for many skin diseases, such as eczema, psoriasis, stretch marks, acne scars, scarring from injuries. Both eczema and psoriasis manifest in the same way, as dry spots on the skin that are inflamed, often come with itchy skin and increased susceptibility to various infections. Although these symptoms are primarily treated with medications and medical preparations, jojoba oil imposes itself as a suitable natural solution for eczema and psoriasis and can alleviate their symptoms. The way this oil works relies on the above properties. In this case, hydration is also crucial, and jojoba oil is especially effective because it creates a protective layer on the skin and repels external irritants that worsen this condition. In addition to fighting inflammation and microbes and bacteria that threaten from the outside, jojoba oil also strengthens the immune system thanks to the many antioxidants it contains, helping the skin to strengthen and fight potential threats, both external and internal. Jojoba oil is an equally good treatment for rashes in both adults and children. In some cases, it can be used as an ointment for diseases that are not strictly related to the skin, such as arthritis and rheumatism. Just as it helps with the aforementioned skin damage, jojoba oil also works against sunburn, so the first thing you should take if you burn in the sun. The vitamins contained in jojoba oil act on skin damage and stimulate its regeneration.
    • Acne Treatment: If you have acne problems, jojoba oil may be the right solution for you. Whether the problem is acne at puberty or acne in adulthood, jojoba oil works to soothe acne and regulate sebum production, which is why acne occurs. So, jojoba oil is a natural help for skin problems faced by acne prone skin. Jojoba oil is non-comedogenic and does not clog pores, which is a necessary characteristic and quality of the product you should look for if your skin is oily, but you still want to use the oil. Jojoba oil against acne has a profound effect on cleansing the skin and soothing inflammation from acne and blackheads. Because it is liquid and does not have a dense and heavy structure like other oils, jojoba oil easily penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin and breaks down comedones and accumulated sebum that cause clogging of the pores. By using jojoba oil you pick up all those anti-inflammatory benefits as well as possible antibacterial properties, both of which can help eliminate acne breakouts and acne. Because it contains antioxidants, jojoba oil is a great way to soothe irritated skin, while at the same time providing it with a natural shield that will prevent new bacteria from penetrating the epithelium. Moreover, regular use of jojoba oil prevents the formation of new pimples and inflammation. Lastly, there is also the fact that jojoba oil can balance the natural oil production on your skin. Thus, since excessive sebum production can often cause acne, the use of jojoba oil has been shown to facilitate the fight against acne.
    • Controlling Sebum Production: If you have an oily skin type and can’t prevent it from producing too many natural oils, jojoba oil can help you finally control the amount of sebum your facial skin secretes. Oily skin is not a problem in itself because of the oil, but because dust and microbes easily stick to it, which is why inflammation and irritation occur more often. While it doesn’t sound like the brightest idea to add a little more oil to your already oily skin, in this case it might be just what will solve your problem. Jojoba oil is actually a great substitute for the natural oils that the skin secretes because it is so similar to sebum. When the skin already feels the protective layer of oil on itself, it sends a signal to the glands to secrete less fat. This way you directly control the oil of your skin, and with regular use of jojoba oil you can teach the glands to secrete less sebum, which solves the problem of fat in the long run.
    • Antioxidant action: Flavonoids and vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from oxidative damage, are contained in jojoba oil, and they contribute to the miraculous effect of jojoba oil - reducing the signs of aging.



      Benefits of jojoba oil for your hair

      Jojoba Oil Against Hair Loss

      Just as it helps the skin, jojoba oil has a beneficial effect on your hair in various ways. For starters, the effect of this oil on the scalp is also important for the hair, so the effect is twofold - jojoba oil works both internally (through the epithelium, and thus the hair root) and outside (with the hair itself). Here are all the ways jojoba oil makes your hair strong and shiny.

      • Hair Loss: The most common problem that is difficult to find a solution to when it comes to hair care and beauty, for both women and men, is hair loss. It can occur for a variety of reasons, but the most common case is that the hair root is clogged with too much sebum, after which, for example, dandruff and seborrhea occur. All of this contributes to the weakening of the hair causing it to start falling out. Jojoba oil prevents hair loss because it affects the removal of excess sebum from the inside and stimulates the growth of new hair. Moreover, jojoba oil also nourishes the hair as it contains important nutrients for its growth, thus contributing to strong hair that is difficult to break, crack or otherwise suffer.
      • Soothing braided and curly hair: When we say curly, we don’t mean natural and healthy curls. On the contrary, this refers to the unwanted curling and curling of the hair that is so characteristic of dry hair, especially when it is in a humid environment. Jojoba oil provides hair care and acts as a natural balm whose task is to hydrate the hair from the inside. In this way, the hair retains all the useful oils that strong shampoos can remove, which does not clean, but only damages the hair in the long run. And not only that, jojoba oil will prevent your hair from excessively tangling and braiding, which is another way of damaging your hair, especially when you are trying to untangle your hair in aggressive ways. To get the most out of this oil and avoid getting your hair too greasy and greasy, use jojoba oil before washing your hair. This will protect your hair from damage and drying out, and the shampoo will already remove excess oil.
      • Protection against dandruff and scalp diseases: You have all heard of dandruff, seborrhea, scalp psoriasis or alopecia. The good news is that you don’t have to worry too much about these scalp diseases because jojoba oil can be your natural balm that solves these problems. Because it contains useful nutrients, jojoba oil nourishes the scalp and, as well as for the skin of the body and face, provides protection against bacteria and microbes that cause various diseases of the scalp. This encourages scalp regeneration, without dandruff and damage.


        La PIEL products enriched with jojoba oil:


        La PIEL Hydra BABE Moisturizing Body Milk Natural Cosmetics Lana Jurcevic



        La PIEL Hydra BABE - Rich and hydrating body milk that contains coenzyme Q10, hyaluronic acid and 7 nourishing oils, one of which is jojoba oil, which will provide your skin with the necessary care and hydration and restore its moisture and elasticity.



        La PIEL Coffee BABE Coffee Body Scrub Natural Cosmetics Lana Jurcevic





        La PIEL Coffee BABE peeling - To make your skin incredibly soft, nourished, smooth and fragrant, use La PIEL Coffee BABE peeling. Exfoliation affects the renewal of the surface layer of the skin, which helps ingrown hairs, stretch marks, scars. Skin regeneration and smoothing of skin that is sensitive and dry, are some of the other benefits that La PIEL Coffee BABE peeling provides. Jojoba oil, which is one of the main ingredients of this scrub, is extremely suitable as a care for inflamed and irritated skin.



        La PIEL Matcha BABE Green Tea Body Scrub Natural Cosmetics Lana Jurcevic



        La PIEL Matcha BABE peeling - A body scrub containing matcha powder (green tea leaves) and salt, is the perfect friend for incredibly soft, nourished, smooth and fragrant skin. Matcha BABE peeling restores the surface layer of your skin and thus helps with ingrown hairs, stretch marks and scars. Regenerates, nourishes and smoothes dry and sensitive skin. Like Coffee BABE, Matcha BABE exfoliation can help care for inflamed and irritated skin.


        La PIEL Sugar BABE Sugar Body Scrub Natural Cosmetics Lana Jurcevic



        La PIEL Sugar BABE peeling- Sugar body scrub containing 7 royal oils and shea butter, will make your skin incredibly soft, nourished, smooth and fragrant. Sugar BABE nourishes and hydrates your skin, restores its moisture and elasticity, and with its oils (including jojoba oil) it has an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect on your skin and promotes healing of damaged skin.



        La PIEL Cream For Very Dry Hands And Feet Natural Cosmetics Lana Jurcevic



        La PIEL hand and foot cream - Rich and nourishing foot and hand cream, enriched with ingredients such as ceramides, lanolin, carrot oil, jojoba oil and avocado oil will give you perfect care with the help of its high quality ingredients. It provides skin care and hydration, promotes healing of damaged skin and is an ideal cream for dry and sensitive skin of the feet and hands.




        La PIEL Lip Balm Natural Cosmetics Lana Jurcevic



        La PIEL "KISS ME" lip balm - "KISS ME" lip balm that comes in 3 different fragrances (coconut, raspberry, herbal / citrus) is a lip balm whose natural formula enriched with vitamins and nutrients makes your lips protected, nurtured and nourished . The oils of this lip balm prevent the loss of moisture from the skin of the lips and promote healing of already damaged lips.


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