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5 multi-purpose oils for beautifying radiant skin, face, hair and nails!

5 Oils that will change your skin

Beautifying oils have brought a new revolution in the beauty industry. You would find these oils in a variety of skin care products and cosmetics - whether it’s body lotion, body butter, toners, peels, hair care products, and even lipsticks. These oils intensively moisturize and hydrate. Speaking of essential oils, they are highly concentrated derivatives of plants and flowers that have powerful healing and beneficial benefits. Most of the cosmetic oils listed are rich in vitamin E which is essential for beautiful hair and skin. The essential oils mentioned also have antibacterial and antifungal properties, so they can treat various skin problems. Essential oils are effective because they have a smaller molecular size and therefore are easily absorbed by the skin, and thus can act faster. Beauty oils are full of essential fatty acids and work effectively on healing and skin care giving you a clean and flawless complexion. Here is a list of the 10 best beauty oils for glowing skin:
5 Multi-Purpose Oils Natural Cosmetics La PIEL Lana Jurcevic


Olive oil is obtained by pressing oil from the whole fruit of the olive. It is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids - healthy fats that represent various health and cosmetic benefits - and it also contains skin-loving antioxidants. Vegetable oils are used for medical and cosmetic purposes because they have many benefits. Depending on the composition of the vegetable oil, some oils work better than others for certain problems. Olive oil is one of those high-performance vegetable oils that has been praised for its emollient, moisturizing properties.

You can find this miraculous oil in anything from serums to facial cleansers, but it is also available in pure form with added moisturizers to make it suitable for skin care. Keep in mind that olive oil can spoil due to excessive heat, light or oxygen - it is best to store it in a cool place with the lid tightly closed.

Benefits of olive oil for the skin:

  • Prevents water loss: The main advantage of olive oil is moisturizing the skin by reducing water loss. This hydration increases the water content in the skin, improving its health and appearance.
  • Protects it from environmental damage: The antioxidant properties of olive oil protect skin cells from environmental damage and inflammation. This means protection against premature aging, as well as signs of irritation or redness.
  • Prevents premature aging: Olive oil is rich in vitamins A, D, K and E, as well as squalene. They can help reduce oxidative stress on the skin (which could lead to accelerated skin aging).
  • Picks up makeup: Olive oil is great for breaking down waxy substances like waterproof mascara and eye pencil. With the added benefits of antioxidants and moisturizing squalene, it moisturizes the delicate skin around the eyes, plus nourishes the lashes in the same way that the conditioner acts on the hair. Although olive oil can remove and move oil-soluble residues (such as makeup and sebum) around the skin, it cannot remove them from the skin’s surface - a surfactant is needed to completely remove makeup.
  • Heals wounds: The anti-inflammatory ingredients found in olive oil can help heal wounds. Triterpenes, which are present in many vegetable oils, and especially in olive oil, aid in many biological reactions such as those required for wound healing: cell migration, cell proliferation, and collagen deposition. They improve wound repair by reducing wound closure time.

Benefits of olive oil for hair:

The use of oil in general may not be appropriate for every hair type and texture, as some hair types retain oil longer than others. Your body naturally produces oil through glands attached to hair follicles, and that oil tends to travel faster down thin, straight hair than down coarse or curly hair.

  • Thick hair: Olive oil is most useful for dry, thick hair. Proponents say it can keep hair moist and strong. Olive oil weighs on thinner hair. Olive oil is simply not needed for oily hair and scalp.
  • Treated hair: Heavily treated hair - such as hair treated with relaxants, permanent or bleach - especially uses extra moisture. Always wait at least 72 hours after the initial treatment before applying olive oil. If you use olive oil on bleached hair, test the strand to make sure the oil does not leave a trace of green shade behind.
  • Cracked ends: Olive oil can help smooth out broken or burnt ends of hair. Apply it to the last 2 centimeters of strands that have been damaged. Even though you are only treating the ends, keep your hair attached so that the olive oil does not fit on your clothes. To style your hair completely, start from the scalp and massage the oil to the ends.
  • Healthy hair: Olive oil rich in vitamin E acts as a magical ingredient in strengthening hair follicles and fights hair loss. Massaging olive oil on the scalp hydrates the hair, reduces scalp irritation and treats dandruff. It also makes your hair look great and solves the problem of split ends.
    Olive Oil Natural Cosmetics  La PIEL Lana Jurcevic


    Avocado oil is obtained from - you guessed it - avocado. You’re probably already obsessed with healthy food because of the many vital nutrients, but we’ll provide you with refreshing information on what that is just in case. Avocados have very, very much fiber, little sugar and have all the multivitamin cofactors we need (potassium, sodium, magnesium, vitamins A, C and K, folic acid, vitamin B6 and niacin). It also has a very strong antioxidant effect and a high concentration of monounsaturated fats. Avocado oil helps the skin in many ways, and for that reason you will find it in various masks, peels, creams, moisturizers and other cosmetic products.

    Benefits of avocado oil:

    • Promotes and affects total collagen content: Although more studies are needed to show whether avocado oil increases collagen or not, researchers know it reduces all the pathways that break down your collagen more. What they have noticed is that there is a certain increase in soluble collagen content and there is inhibition of the enzyme lysyl oxidase, which also breaks down collagen.
    • Minimizes damage: Avocados and avocado oil are excellent sources of antioxidants, such as vitamin E, which help absorb free radicals to protect ourselves from environmental damage.
    • It increases the metabolic energy process in mitochondria: even mitochondrial function is better when you take avocado oil. It does this by reducing free radicals and reducing lipid peroxidation. We want energy production in the skin because we want cell renewal. Lipid peroxidation is the protection of the lipid cell membrane of cells, so we want that from the skin as well.
    • Helps skin maintain hydration: Avocado oil can act as a emollient and has occlusive properties. This means that it softens the skin and retains humectants and emollients on the skin.
    • Minimizes inflammation: You may think you would not want to put oil on acne-prone skin, but in this case it is recommended to put avocado oil on everything from eczema and psoriasis to seborrheic dermatitis and acne because of its anti-inflammatory properties. This will not clog your glands and cause more acne, because in reality acne is not just clogged glands. It’s a little more of an inflammatory process, so using anti-inflammatory properties would be great for him.
    • Reduces wrinkles and signs of aging: Our skin is usually the first noticeable part of our body to age, so delaying the signs of aging for as long as possible is a priority for everyone! Fortunately, the fatty acids in avocado oil help the skin retain elasticity, which in turn slows down the formation of wrinkles.
    • Improves nails and hair: The natural oils in avocado can help nails and surrounding skin to be soft, while reducing breakage, and can heal both dry and brittle nails. Dry, scaly scalp can also be treated with avocado oil, helping to reduce dandruff and other similar problems.


      Avocado Oil Natural Cosmetics  La PIEL Lana Jurcevic


      When you think about the health benefits of coconut oil, the last thing that comes to mind is rubbing edible vegetable fat all over your skin and hair. But dermatologists, fans of natural beauty and an increasing number of scientific studies are beginning to bring plant potential to light.

      It’s the most versatile beauty product you could keep in your closet. Packed with vitamins D, E and K, the miracle worker can transform your skin, face and hair in minutes. Studies show that coconut oil - which is extracted from the flesh of ripe coconuts - can improve the function and repair of the skin barrier, has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, fights the signs of skin aging and makes an effective moisturizer. Coconut oil will not work for every disease - or for every skin type (especially if you are prone to acne, because it is known to clog pores).

      Benefits of coconut oil for hair:

      • Depth Conditioner: A thick layer of coconut oil, left for several hours under a shower cap, will transform dry, damaged hair. The routine includes heating the oil, applying it to dry hair (the oil penetrates better when your hair is dry), wrapping it in a towel or putting on a shower cap overnight and shampooing in the morning.
      • Frizz fighter and curler tamer: The biggest thing about coconut oil is the natural anti-moisturizer, or anti-moisture product. The molecules are small enough to penetrate the hair and the benefits are amazing. It is advisable to heat the oil, emulsify the small part between your hands and smear on the ends.
      • Scalp Conditioner: Using coconut oil on the scalp is an excellent fitness treatment. Rubbing directly on the hair roots soothes itching and stimulates hair growth.

      Benefits of coconut oil for the skin:

      • Moisturizer: When it comes to your body, where the concentration of oil glands is less intense compared to your face, coconut oil is more suitable as a moisturizing body cream. Its occlusive and waxy nature combined with rich vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids allow it to create a barrier on the skin while providing deep moisture for dry skin in areas not prone to breakouts.
      • Acts as a cleanser: Coconut oil is a natural antibacterial, antifungal and moisturizing property that helps cleanse the skin. All you need to do is apply the oil in circular motions all over your body and neck, giving yourself a gentle massage.
      • Cellulite Treatment: Rubbing coconut oil all over the body serves not only to hydrate and restore the lipid layer with omega-3 fatty acids, but also increases metabolism at the cellular level so you will be detoxified and hydrated. It is recommended that everything come out with detoxification of the whole body by covering the head to the heel in coconut oil and wrapping in ace bandages for 45 minutes.

      Benefits of coconut face oil:

      • Makeup Remover: Coconut oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which makes it a powerful lubricant capable of removing makeup particles. However, due to the fact that it is extremely comedogenic, it is recommended to rinse it with a gentle cleanser to wash away any greasy residue. In other words, the waxiness of coconut oil can potentially cause acne-prone skin to break through, so if that sounds familiar, be sure to clean it after use.
      • Lip balm: Dry lips, no problem - coconut oil can serve as a natural lip balm.
      • Teeth Whitening: In addition to whitening teeth, swirling coconut oil in your mouth for about 15 minutes can also remove bacteria in your mouth and help improve conditions like gingivitis. You can also make a natural toothpaste by mixing coconut oil with baking soda.
        Coconut Oil Natural Cosmetics  La PIEL Lana Jurcevic

        CARROT OIL

        The goodness of carrot oil was largely unknown until a few years ago. Carrot oil is obtained either from grated carrots and cooked in ordinary oil. Carrot seed oil is extracted by steam distillation from dried carrot seeds. Carrot oil is very effective for the human body thanks to its antibacterial and healing power. Carrot oil is able to hydrate dry skin, scalp and hair. Carrot oil can be used alone or with an oil carrier.

        Benefits of Carrot Hair Oil:

        Carrot oil is the power of vitamins A and E which are very useful for hair. These vitamins help in hair growth and also help prevent hair loss. Regular use of carrot oil helps strengthen hair and makes it shinier. Carrot oil is an excellent moisturizer for skin and hair.

        The main benefits of carrot hair oil:

        • Stimulating hair growth
        • Makes hair smooth, shiny and soft
        • Stimulates blood circulation in the scalp
        • Strengthens hair follicles and hair roots
        • Protects hair from environmental damage such as sunlight, pollution, etc.

        Benefits of carrot oil on the skin:

        Just like hair, carrot oil has a lot of benefits for the skin, such as lightening the skin, rejuvenating the skin and preventing wrinkles. It is used in the formulation of many skin care products. Carrot oil is very useful for adding moisture to the skin and provides antioxidant protection. Both carrot seed oil and carrot root oil are useful in preventing wrinkles and stretch marks. Carrot oil is full of nutrients that heal the skin and prevent further skin damage.

        • Skin Rejuvenator: There are countless benefits of carrot oil for the skin. Regular use of carrot oil on the skin, especially on the face, will improve your skin health. It has the ability to rejuvenate the skin on the face. The high carotene content in carrot oil rejuvenates annoying skill cells on the face and stimulates new cell regeneration.
        • Anti-wrinkle fighter: As we age, the skin on our face tends to relax. We develop fine lines and wrinkles as the skin begins to lose elasticity and moisture. Carrot oil extremely delays the aging process, providing the skin with the necessary moisture. The rich carotenoids present in the oil are actually powerful antioxidants that fight free radicals in the skin and prevent skin damage.
        • Sebum regulator: Carrot oil tends to regulate sebum production in cells on the face. Too much or too little sebum secretion leads to premature aging and skin damage. Sebum is a natural oil produced by skin cells to maintain the skin’s natural softness and moisture.
        • Skin lightening: Carrot oil is very good for lightening the skin. The combination of carrot and lemon seed oil helps lighten the skin. Carrot oil not only tightens and tones the skin, but also acts as a skin lightener, improving your complexion. The health of your skin will greatly improve after regular use of carrot oil. Sun exposure and pollution lead to dull and dark skin. Carrot oil removes this dark layer of skin by promoting new cell regeneration, thus helping to brighten the skin.
        • Skin Tanning: Carrot oil has also shown remarkable results in achieving a uniform tan of the skin. Carrot oil has a natural tanning agent known as L-tyrosine. This is an amino acid that promotes the production of melanin in the skin when exposed to the sun’s UV rays. This melanin pigment gives a tan to the skin and also protects the skin from damage from UV rays. L-tyrosine present in many sunscreens accelerates the tanning process. You can quickly get a uniform tan all over your body without burning or damaging your skin. Carrot oil acts as a natural tan accelerator. Beta carotene present in carrot oil gives the skin a slightly bronze hue. So the next time you plan to bathe in the sun, don’t forget to bring a bottle of organic carrot oil with you.

        Carrot Oil Natural Cosmetics  La PIEL Lana Jurcevic

        ALMOND OIL

        Did you know that almonds are considered the “king of nuts”? It is full of healthy fats, fiber, phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals that make it nourishing! It is therefore not surprising that the oil obtained from this nut, known as almond oil, is extremely popular because of its enormous benefits for hair, body and skin. Almond oil is great for the skin because of its emollient properties that prevent the loss of natural moisture from the skin and allow it to retain more moisture. These emollient properties of the oil also help to improve skin tone.

        Benefits of almond oil for skin:

        • Moisturizes the skin: Almond oil is quickly absorbed into our skin, making it a powerful and effective moisturizer. You can apply it on the face as well as on the body. Some like to add essential oils and use almond oil as an oil to carry a body massage. Another great property of the oil is that it is light and not too oily, so your skin does not feel sticky when you use it as a moisturizer. Don’t we all just love that dose of skin hydration that doesn’t feel too heavy?
        • Perfect for dry skin: We all have those extra dry spots like elbows and feet that look dry and shabby. Before giving up these body parts, try nourishing them with almond oil. If you scratch your flaky skin, almond oil can help you with that as well. Also, if your lips are dry and chapped, use sweet almond oil to lock in moisture for soft, plump lips! The fatty acids in sweet almond oil help the skin retain moisture, while vitamin E soothes irritation caused by dryness. The zinc content in the oil helps smooth out rough, calloused skin. For this reason, almond oil is also used to treat dry skin conditions, including eczema and psoriasis.
        • Facial Cleanser: For most of us, the idea of ​​cleansing the face with oil is shocking. But research has shown that oil cleansing is beneficial for your skin, and sweet almond oil is one of the best cleansing oils. Oil cleansing works on the concept of “dissolves like” and helps you get rid of stubborn impurities, excess sebum and dead skin. It also helps open clogged pores. After cleansing with oil, it is recommended to use a mild facial cleanser for all skin types to get rid of oil residue from the skin.
        • Lighten scars and marks: Did you know that zinc in almond oil is an essential nutrient for healing acne scars? The study found that Almond oil is an effective treatment for stretch marks and acne scars due to its unique composition. For this reason, pregnant women are advised to use sweet almond oil for massage to prevent stretch marks and get rid of skin irritations.
        • Reduces puffiness and dark circles: Almond oil has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. These properties of almond oil make it an ideal solution for reducing puffiness under the eyes and brightening under-eye circles. Almond oil also contains retinol, vitamin E and vitamin K which soothe the skin under the eyes and reduce the appearance of fine lines around the eyes.

        Benefits of almond oil for hair:

        Because it has moisturizing and nourishing properties that make our hair healthy as a result of which it becomes shinier and shinier. Almond oil not only moisturizes the hair, but also the scalp. By massaging the scalp and hair with almond oil you can reduce breakage, split ends, itchy scalp and dry roots. In addition to providing these benefits, applying almond oil directly to the scalp also increases blood flow to the scalp and exposes the skin to powerful antioxidants.

        • Soothes scalp peeling and itching: The most common hair health problem is the accumulation of dead cells on the scalp. This buildup not only results in dandruff, itching and dandruff but also inhibits the growth of healthy hair. How does almond oil help here? As already mentioned, almond oil is extremely hydrating and nourishing. When you massage the scalp with almond oil, the dead cells loosen the grip from the scalp and can be easily rinsed off. It also helps prevent and treat dry scalp conditions such as (seborrheic dermatitis) and scalp psoriasis. The emollient properties of almond oil also help to soften and remove dead skin cells from the scalp. Simply massage almond oil into the scalp and let it stand for at least an hour before the bath. You can even leave it overnight for maximum results.
        • Promotes hair growth: One of the essential nutrients associated with hair growth is biotin, also known as Vitamin H. It is a vitamin B derivative that is prescribed to people who suffer from problems like thinning hair. Almond oil contains biotin, and massaging your hair with almond oil is an effective way to give your hair a healthy dose of biotin to stimulate growth and reduce its thinning. Some people take biotin supplements to make their hair thicker, but you can achieve similar benefits by applying almond oil to your hair as well.
        • Softens and nourishes hair: Is it difficult for you to comb your hair because it always gets tangled in knots? Regular massage with almond oil will soften the hair, making combing easier. Due to its emollient properties, almond oil can fill in the gaps in your hair at the cellular level, thus improving the overall texture. With improved texture and elasticity, hair becomes less prone to damage and softer to the touch.
        • Strengthens and repairs hair: The lubricating properties of almond oil make our hair less prone to damage. Oleic acid and linoleic acid present in the oil improve hair elasticity. In contrast, vitamin E present in the oil is an antioxidant that helps fight environmental stress in the hair. So, for younger and healthier hair, massage your hair regularly with sweet almond oil.
        Almond Oil Natural Cosmetics La PIEL Lana Jurcevic


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