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KABUKI brush
Kabuki Brush For Applying Liquid Products And Powder Or Stone Products On The Face And Body Of The La Piel Brand Lana Jurcevic
Kabuki Brush For Applying Beach Babe Oil With Sequins La Piel Brand Lana Jurcevic
Kabuki Brush La Piel Brand Lana Jurcevic
Kabuki Brush For Applying Liquid Products And Powdered Products On The Face And Body Of The La Piel Brand Lana Jurcevic
Kabuki Brush For Applying Liquid Products And Powdered Products On The Face And Body Of The La Piel Brand Lana Jurcevic
Kabuki Brush For Applying Liquid Products And Powdered Products On The Face And Body Of The La Piel Brand Lana Jurcevic

KABUKI brush

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Multi-purpose brush for face and body. Ideal for applying liquid powder on the face, liquid highlighter on the body (Beach BABE), powder and other loosed or pressed products.

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  • Top quality synthetic hair
  • Multi-purpose 
  • Easy to wash and maintain 
  • Cruelty free, vegan, handmade 
90 day money back guarantee

Kabuki brush for face and body - for applying powder, liquid and solid products

  • Cruelty free
  • Vegan
  • Handmade
  • Top quality


"The softest and thickest brush I've tried! It blends powders perfectly, it doesn't leave ugly and uneven marks like the others. I literally apply everything with it and wash it too easily" - Anamarija Pešić Rimac.

Kabuki Brush For Applying Liquid Products And Powdered Products On Face And Body


Multi-purpose makeup brush

Brushes are never enough, are they? But why use multiple brushes if one kabuki brush is all you need?

Our kabuki brush has a flat tip, thick bristles that are very soft and flexible and do not scratch the face. It is used for fast and even spreading of any liquid product, without unwanted lines and textures, but also for fixing makeup with loosed/pressed products.

To apply liquid products, pressed or loosed products, it is important to have a perfect brush that, in addition to making it easier for you to apply, will perfectly apply the product to your face or body. In a circular motion, very easily apply liquid powder or any other product on the face or body using a kabuki brush. With it, unlike standard smaller brushes, you will apply the desired product more evenly and faster and it is suitable for achieving full coverage.

With the right brush, applying cosmetic products becomes easier, and our multi-purpose kabuki brush is used to apply:
  • liquid powder
  • pressed powder or loose powder
  • highlighter (liquid, pressed ..)
  • Beach BABE multi-purpose butter oil with shimmer

In addition to the face product, you can use it to apply the product on the body (powder, Beach BABE ..) due to its large surface area that can cover most of the skin.

Brush cleaning and maintenance

To keep your kabuki brush soft and neat for as long as possible, you should clean it regularly. The best choices are products designed to clean brushes, but plain lukewarm water and soap will also do a good job. Note that the soap you use does not contain a lot of oil and alcohol that could damage the hair and cause it to fall out. The cleanser nourishes the brush hair and ensures that your brush stays soft, but washing too often is also not good - brushes do not need to be washed every day!

"One of my favorite make up investments!" - Lorena K, Zagreb.

La Piel Kabuki Brush For Applying Liquid Powder On Face


* The package contains one La PIEL kabuki brush
* The price of the product includes VAT.



Generally brushes or sponges are still damp when you apply liquid products because then they absorb less products into themselves. 



Kabuki brush is easy to clean and wash, and for washing we recommend hard soap and lukewarm or warm water because cleaning products with a lot of alcohol and oil in them can damage the glue that holds the hairs, as well as very hot water and washing too often. You can run a towel over the surface of the brush to remove excess water and let it dry (if you need it urgently, you can blow dry it). 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Martina Juric

KABUKI brush

Jan Dobrescu
Jan Dobrescu

Hi LaPIEL :)

The brush replaced an old one in a kit but haven't used it yet. Looks like good quality one, anyway. The fact I am a male explains my low speed in approaching the recent purchased cosmetics, in general speaking :)

New order will be coming soon, as promised.

Hope Lana is ok and will be back at work shortly. Once again, please accept my condolences for her and family.

Yours truly,

Kabuki brush

The best brush I have ever had

Kelly Kowolik

Absolutely love this bush . I personally use along side glow babe spray just to create that flawless touch to my skin . . I wouldn't be with out it. And it the design is stunning 😍

Petra Nisevic

KABUKI brush for face & body



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