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DETOX from relationships

DETOX from relationships

La Piel Toxic Relationship Detox Psychologist Tips And Tricks Natural Cosmetics

Don’t accept anything less than what you deserve. Respect yourself and others will too. Don’t do what you don’t like to please others. Please yourself, that's the point.

We talked to psychologist Danijela Ostojić (IG: @danijela.ostojić_psiholog) about toxic relationships that we often encounter and how to get out of such relationships.

1. What are toxic relationships?

Since we are human beings, one of the most important needs is to live and function in healthy interpersonal relationships. Unfortunately, many people don't know what a healthy and functional interpersonal relationship looks like, so they engage in toxic relationships without even being aware of it. In the simplest definition of a toxic relationship, it would look like this: any relationship in which we don't feel like our own is a toxic relationship. This implies a wide range of relationships. From the conflicting ones, to the subtle passive-aggressive ones, through the manipulative ones, with the goal of controlling the other person. Also, toxic relationships can be in a variety of relationships; parent-child, with friends, with your love partner, business partner or any other, but what is important is not what role the relationship plays, but what the emotional basis of that relationship is. Of course, the most destructive for us are relationships with people who are of the greatest emotional importance to us.


 La Piel Toxic Relationship Detox Psychologist Tips And Tricks Natural Cosmetics


2. How do we find ourselves in a toxic relationship?

There is no simpler definition than that - your choice! Exactly. No less and no more. Although this is difficult to understand, we are responsible for being in a toxic relationship of any kind. The beginning of our choices has its roots in who we really are. What are our beliefs. What is our personality structure. How do we stand with self-esteem? What is our value system towards ourselves and other people? Ultimately, how and in what way we make the decision to stay in relationships that don’t fulfill us. The most common personality profiles that are on the side of the "victim", the one who suffers from a toxic relationship, are people who are not confident enough, and have a predominance of guilt towards everything, especially towards themselves. They feel guilty about everything that happens in the outside world. Such personality structures usually come from dysfunctional families with undefined roles and are therefore easy targets for the other half of the toxic relationship, the "manipulator". And whatever you do, no matter how hard you try and behave, is never enough for this other half, and the "victim" is constantly thinking; "I must have said something bad", "I'm not good enough", "If I was better, everything would be different", "I have to work harder"...


3. What are the warning signs that we are in a toxic relationship?

La Piel Toxic Relationship Detox Psychologist Tips And Tricks Natural Cosmetics
One of the first signs is a lack of energy for anything. To work, to go out, to hang out, to start new things, to travel... By constantly thinking like "where did I go wrong" and "can I do better" we don't have much space left to deal with ourselves and to enjoy everyday life. Also, one of the alarms that we are in a toxic relationship is retreating into oneself or silence on any verbal discussion, misunderstanding, or disagreement. Retreating into oneself, of course, also means suppressing emotions that we later process in silence, mostly in the wrong way, or in a way that doesn't help us. If this condition persists for a long time, it can lead to more severe clinical pictures of depression, which is a very insidious disease and requires a team treatment process.


 4. How to get out of a toxic relationship?

Mostly the way we got in. By decision! But it is more complicated now because when we make such a decision it is not easy when we are already "wounded" and we have beliefs that something is wrong with us. 

''Problems in relationship occur because each person is concentrating on what is missing in the other person.” - Wayne Dyer

What is even more important is that toxic relationships have arisen through our participation in them, because as long as we are part of such a relationship it will last. The moment we decide to get out of a toxic relationship, it no longer exists. Getting out of a toxic relationship has only one direction, and that is outward. Also, what you need to know is that there is no justification for staying in relationships where we feel sad, at any cost. Also, you need to know that you are capable, valuable, significant just like the other person in that relationship (the one who constantly demands and expects something from you). You also need to know the difference between love and respect and disrespect. How can love be a feeling of inferiority or any other negative feeling? So what are your reasons for staying in toxic relationships? Imagine... Do the list of all the reasons (excuses) and talk to yourself about it. This is of inestimable importance. Trust me. Because, if you listen well to yourself and it becomes important for you to understand what you say to yourself, you will easily move on.

La Piel Toxic Relationship Detox Psychologist Tips And Tricks Natural Cosmetics


 5. The ability to say NO is everything.

To be respected, you need to know yourself and put yourself first. In order to be respected, you must learn how to say NO to yourself and others! Especially to others. Because why would you eat a chocolate cake, if you want to eat a fruit cake? I can't find any reason. However, practice says that many people eat a piece of chocolate cake so that the other person would not get angry. What is the correlation between his anger and your decision to eat a chocolate cake? Think for yourself. You will soon realize that the relationship is only in your head, colored by irrational conclusions that make you insecure and dissatisfied.


6. Are you still in a toxic relationship?

I wouldn't say.

With love,


La Piel Toxic Relationship Detox Danijela Ostojic Psychologist Tips And Tricks Natural Cosmetics
Danijela Ostojić, psychologist with 10 years of experience working with people

If you are interested in this or any other similar topic, Danijel has great videos and posts on her social networks, so take a look.

Love yourself.
Respect yourself.
Work on yourself.

Don't forget :-)


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