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LIP BALM- how it is made and where it came from?










Since most of us have problems with dry and chapped lips, especially during the winter, nourishing lip balms are a real salvation. Wind and cold are one of the main causes of dry and chapped lips and skin. Lips are especially sensitive in winter periods. 




Our body skin is not the same as lip skin. The skin of the lips has fewer layers than body skin. In order to it, lip care is essential with THE BEST ingredients. The lips thin out over time due to collagen and protein loss. With the loss of the skin layers protection is also lost. By using lip balms you protect your lips and add another extra protective layer. 

BEESWAX- one of the main ingredient

Bee product can slow down the aging process of the skin and restore its structue. Beeswax is used for wound healing and skin diseases since ancient times. Due to its regenerative, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, beeswax is used in medicine, pharmacy and in the cosmetic industry. 

It is an unavoidable ingredient in many cosmetic products, especially in lip balms because it perfectly connects all the ingredients and gives it a special structure. Vitamin A and F in beeswax prevent skin from drying out and enable smooth and moist lips.     

Unlike lip balms which contains vaseline and paraffin, those with beeswax help lips to stay hydrated and they do not dry out the lips. 

No lips deserve to be chapped and dry. No matter if you use lip balm every day or occasionally, remember ordinary, but natural ingredient and how they can help your lips to be healthy, nice and nurtured. 


From beeswax to veseline- people has been thinking how to prevent drying out and chapping lips especially on cold days. Ancient Egyptians used beeswax, olive oil and animals fats for skin and lip care.




Lydia Maria Child wrote a book named " American Frugal Housewife " in which she recommended use of cerumen for chapped lips.

1856 – 1872. 
Robert Chesebrough, an American chemist, discover vaseline. Since its healing properties, he used it for wound healing and for burns treatment. 

1880. Charles Browne Fleet, an American doctor and pharmacologist, made the first lip balm – ChapStick®

In the early 1900s production of products for lip care began all around the world (in Japan, Sweden). They used ingredients such as yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit), camellia oil (tea tree oil) and beeswax.

In 1912 John Morton bought Fleet's balm formula for 5 dolars! His wife and him melted ingredients, paint them pink and poured it into small boxes to get the shape of stick. This way  ChapStick® got new packaging.

In 1937 Alfred Woelbing created  Carmex® lip balm in an attempt to soothe and heal his own skin ulcers. 

In 1947 Charles Arch established Blistex® products for lip care. He advertised it as healing lip balm that prevents dry lips and at the same time as local analgetic that relieves pain. 

In 1973
first flavored lip balm - Lip Smacker®. It was being sold to young girls with slogan “all the flavor of being a girl.”

In 1975 Dr. Pepper® started cooperation with Lip Smacker® . They continue partnership for more than 40 years. 

In 1988 
Kiehl's®, an American cosmetic brand, sponsored expedition to  Mt. Everest - alpinists have used  Kiehl's® products to protect their skin. They even had special lip balm to protect their lips from wind and cold. 

In 1991 Roxanne Quimby made Burt's Bees® lip balm with beeswax. Burt's Bees® has produced beeswax candles, however their lip balm soon become the best-selling product. 

In 2000 Abreva® was the first pharmaceutical lip balm approved by FDA and was used for to relieve ulcers. 

In 2010 Canadian company Sweet Leaf Bath produced first lip balm packed in biodegradable packaging. Their goal was to choose ingredients that are not harmfull to our skin and also not harmfull to the environment.   


To avoid dry and chapped lips during the cold day, but also all year around, it is important to carefully choose lip balm. Lips require regular care and ingredients which promote healing of the small wounds and restore the skin. In lip balms should't be harmfull ingredients such as paraffin, petroleum, silicones, etc.  

That is the reason why we have developed the best lip balm you have ever tried. Natural ingredients- beeswax, jojoba oil, argan oil, avocado oil and shea butter as many of ingredients will give your lips top care. We have great  scents for everyone- coconut, raspberry and citrus - lip balm that will be your favorite winter  MUST HAVE product!



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