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Lip Balm - how is it made and where it came from?

Lip balm - it is one of the most common cosmetic products found in almost every woman's handbag.


Lip Balm Lip Care Without Paraffin


Since most of us have problems with dry and chapped lips, especially during the winter, nourishing lip balms are a real salvation! Wind and cold are one of the main causes of dry and chapped skin, including lips. The skin of the lips is particularly sensitive to external influences in the winter, so we often have a feeling of dryness and tightness of the lips as a result of excessive exposure to cold.



Lip Balm Natural Cosmetics La Piel
The skin on our body is different from that on our lips. We have a lot less layers on the lips, which gives them a characteristic pink color. For that reason, lip care is extremely important, with the BEST ingredients. Lips thin out over time due to loss of collagen and certain proteins. With the loss of skin layers, natural protection is also lost. By wearing lip balms, you protect your lips and add another extra protective layer.

BEESWAX - one of the main ingredients

Bee products can slow down the aging process of the skin and restore its structure. Beeswax has long been used to treat wounds and skin diseases, and thanks to its regenerative, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, beeswax is still used today in medicine, pharmacy, cosmetics and industry.

It is an almost unavoidable ingredient in many cosmetic products, especially in lip balms because it perfectly combines all the ingredients in it and gives it a characteristic structure. Vitamin A and F in it prevent the skin from drying out, enable the achievement of smooth lips, but also the necessary moisture.

Beeswax In Lip Balm Lip Care

Unlike lip balms, which contain Vaseline and paraffin, those based on beeswax help the lips to keep hydration for a long time and do not dry out the lips.

No lips deserve to be chapped or dry. Whether you use lip balm every day or in certain situations, remember these common but natural ingredients, and how they can help your lips feel healthy, beautiful and well-groomed.


History of Lip Balm Development
From beeswax to Vaseline - people come up with a variety of ways to prevent their lips from drying out and cracking, especially when the colder days come. The inhabitants of ancient Egypt used beeswax, olive oil and animal fats for the purpose of cosmetics, for skin and lip care.


History of Lip Balm Development

Lydia Maria Child has written a book called “American Frugal Housewife” in which she recommends using cerumen (ear ointment, ear wax) as a treatment for chapped lips.



History of Lip Balm Development

1856 – 1872.
Robert Chesebrough, an American chemist, discovered vaseline and, thanks to its healing properties, used it to heal wounds and burns, that is, he promoted it as an ointment with healing properties.

History of Lip Balm Development  

1880. Charles Browne Fleet, an American physician and pharmacologist, is credited with the world's first handmade lip balm - ChapStick®.

History of Lip Balm Development In the early 1900s, places around the world, such as Japan and Sweden, began developing lip care products. They used ingredients like yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit), camellia oil (tea tree seed oil) and beeswax.


History of Lip Balm Development
John Morton bought Fleet’s lip balm formula for $ 5! He and his wife melted the ingredients, painted them pink, poured them into small wholes so that by cooling the balm it would take the shape of a stick. In this way, ChapStick® received a new packaging.


History of Lip Balm Development

Alfred Woelbing created Carmex® lip balm in an attempt to soothe and heal his own skin ulcers.


History of Lip Balm Development

Charles Arch founded Blistex® lip care products. He advertised them as a healing lip balm that prevents dry lips, but also as an external analgesic that relieves pain.


History of Lip Balm Development

The world's first flavored lip balm - Lip Smacker®. They sold it to more or less young girls with their slogan "all the flavor of being a girl."

History of Lip Balm Development  

1975.Dr. Pepper® has been collaborating with Lip Smacker® and has continued its partnership for more than 40 years.

History of Lip Balm Development

Kiehl's® American cosmetics brand sponsored an expedition to Mt. Everest - climbers used Kiehl's® products to protect their skin, especially a lip balm that helped protect their lips from the cold and wind.

History of Lip Balm Development
Roxanne Quimby is responsible for Burt's Bees® beeswax lip balm. Burt’s Bees® had previously produced beeswax candles, however their lip balm soon became the best-selling product.


History of Lip Balm Development

Abreva® is the first FDA-approved pharmaceutical lip balm to be used to relieve ulcers.


History of Lip Balm Development

2010. Canadian company Sweet Leaf Bath has produced the first lip balm packaged in biodegradable packaging. Their goal is to choose ingredients that are not harmful to our skin, and also that are not harmful to the environment.



To avoid the lips being very dry and chapped during colder days, but also all year round, it is necessary to carefully choose a lip balm. Lips require regular care and ingredients that promote healing of minor sores and regenerate the skin. In order not to do more harm than good to the lips, the lip balm should not contain harmful ingredients such as paraffin, kerosene, silicone, etc.

Beeswax Cera Alba In Lip Balm Products
For this reason, we have developed for you a super formula for the best lip balm you have ever tried. Natural ingredients - beeswax, jojoba oil, argan, avocado, shea butter, etc. as one of the main ingredients will provide your lips with superior care! We are developing great fragrances for you where everyone will find a good one that suits them, whether you are a fan of coconut, raspberry or citrus - a lip balm that will become your favorite winter MUST HAVE product!



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