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Why white kaolin clay deserves a place in your skin care routine?

Kaolin clay draws bad from the skin and provides good!

Clay has been used for cosmetic purposes for centuries, especially because it cleanses the skin and improves the complexion, and is completely natural. It is a medicinal soil with a great ability to absorb and therefore successfully removes toxins from the skin, ie binds organic molecules, fats and waste products, and is rich in minerals such as zinc, iron, manganese, which nourish our skin from the outside and inside.

Healthy Glowy Young Skin Clay In Cosmetics

If you're bothered by problems like oily skin, blackheads, acne, or a shiny T-zone, you've probably heard of the wonders that clay masks can provide to your skin . But when it comes to choosing the right clay for your skin, things may not be so crystal clear to you.

One type of clay that we think deserves special attention is kaolin . You will find this ingredient as an ingredient in many cosmetic products, such as a clay face mask, cleansing gel, exfoliator, various treatments and other skin care products, and with good reason. An ingredient whose task is deep absorption, removal of excess oil, removal and prevention of acne, blackheads and unwanted skin glow, which ultimately results in very simple - soft, smooth and matte skin . To find out exactly how kaolin works, who should try it and which kaolin-based products to use, find out below.


Types of clay and their use in cosmetics

Clays are available in different colors. They are not colored, as might be doubted, but acquire their color mainly depending on the concentration of magnesium and iron oxides. There are several types of clay on the market:

Clay Types Natural Cosmetics White Clay Green Clay Pink Clay Yellow Clay
  • green clay - oily and impure skin has the greatest benefits from green clay, and it also helps as a compress for sore joints and muscles
  • white clay (kaolin) - sensitive clay has the greatest benefits from white clay
  • pink clay - dry skin has the greatest benefits of pink clay
  • red clay - oily skin has the greatest benefits of red clay
  • corylus - due to the presence of silicon which renews cells and tones the skin, has an anti-aging effect
  • cedrus and cocoa - stimulate skin metabolism due to high iron content
  • cydonia - tones the skin due to the presence of calcium
  • tilia and quecus - due to the presence of magnesium reduce subcutaneous tissue tension and fat
  • vulcanus - rich in sulfur and used on oily skin
  • purple clay - great for skin renewal due to the presence of manganese



What is kaolin clay?

When it comes to highly cleansing and gentle skin cleansers and care products, there are incredibly effective natural ingredients that offer significant benefits over more common, chemically enhanced products. Kaolin clay is a all-natural ingredient that provides pure beauty, toxin-free and that you are free to use if you are interested in vegan cosmetics . Kaolin is great for all skin types, and is used as a cleanser, exfoliator, stain remover and more!

White Kaolin Clay Skincare For All Skin Types
Kaolin clay, also called white clay or Chinese clay, is primarily composed of the mineral kaolinite. The name “kaolin” comes from “Gaoling,” a Chinese village located in the southeastern province of Jiangxi. The mineral is in its purest form a light white color, but the clay usually has a colored hue, depending on the mineral content in the areas where they are dug. Reddish hues, for example, cause higher levels of iron oxide deposits, while green is due to decomposed plant matter. It is one of the most common minerals on earth, as it has been mined everywhere from China to the United States to Brazil.

Today, kaolin clay, in addition to cosmetics, health and beauty, is used for ceramics and paper. In fact, clay is considered to be one of the first materials used to make pottery. Kaolin is medically used to reduce inflammation and treat internal ulcers or ulcers, especially in the digestive tract.

What types of kaolin clay are there?

The term kaolin usually refers to white clay, but it also comes in other colors - pink, yellow and red clay.

White Kaolin Clay Types Natural Cosmetics
  • White kaolin clay is the most delicate type of clay so it is great for beginners and can be found in many cosmetic products. Its main tasks are skin care and soothing, so sensitive and irritated skin has the most benefits from white clay. Although it does not extract toxins like green clay, white still acts as a light exfoliant.
  • Red kaolin clay has an anti-age effect so it is good for treating mature skin. Compared to white kaolin, it has stronger absorbent properties, so it is recommended for oily and combination skin, and less dry and sensitive. Stimulating circulation and refreshing the skin are additional benefits of red kaolin.
  • Pink kaolin clay is actually a combination of white and red . It is extremely mild, so it is suitable for dry and normal skin type. In addition to nourishing and nourishing, pink clay improves skin elasticity and can even be used on the eye area to treat dark circles.
  • Yellow kaolin clay is a help for skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis and restores the skin's natural glow. It is yellow due to iron oxide and has a very smooth texture.

What are the benefits of kaolin clay for the skin?

For cosmetics and skin care, kaolin has important detoxifying and stimulating effects. Kaolin clay has skin benefits for any skin type . Kaolin and kaolin powder can be used alone in combination with water or other natural ingredients to create very effective skin care products - skin cleanser, mask, scrub. Here are some of the most common things kaolin is used for:

  1. An excellent facial cleanser : Kaolin clay is a mild but very effective facial cleanser. Unlike soap, kaolin does not foam, and it benefits your skin by removing dead skin cells, removing impurities from your pores resulting in wonderfully soft skin!
  2. Skin detoxification and pore cleansing : Facial oil, bacteria and dead skin cells are just some of the causes of clogged pores. Fortunately, kaolin clay can stick to these impurities that cause clogged pores and remove them from your skin. Not only does this detoxify your skin, it also makes your pores look smaller !
    White Kaolin Clay Face Mask Natural Cosmetics
  3. Absorption of excess oil : Your skin needs natural oils to stay elastic, but excess oil is often a problem. Clays generally have the ability to absorb oil from your skin. Kaolin clay, which is one of the mildest clays, can absorb excess oil without removing the skin and causing dryness, making kaolin suitable for dry and sensitive skin types.
  4. Soothing the skin : As we have mentioned several times, kaolin clay is a gentle and mild clay, and it is precisely this tenderness and soothing properties that kaolin has that make it perfect. to soothe inflamed or irritated skin .
  5. Fighting Acne : Kaolin clay is suitable for acne-prone skin by removing impurities that cause acne straight from the pores, in a gentle way without irritating and drying the skin. If your skin is prone to acne, kaolin clay is great for you because it helps cleanse the skin without causing more irritation, inflammation and redness on the face.
  6. Excellent exfoliation : When it comes to exfoliation, we’re sure you want to use something gentle and non-scraping. Due to its tenderness, kaolin clay is an excellent choice if your skin is sensitive. The natural texture of kaolin clay allows gentle removal of dead skin cells and impurities for a gentle and bright complexion .
  7. Smoothing the complexion : The peeling and deep cleansing properties of kaolin clay help you achieve a toned skin. Regular exfoliation and pore care help reduce their size, stimulate skin renewal and give you a tight, healthy and fresh look !
  8. Reducing fine lines and wrinkles : Kaolin has the effect of reducing wrinkles and fine lines, which is why prolonged use of kaolin clay can make your skin tighter. There are also special types of kaolin clays, such as Brazilian red and raw clay, that have clinical studies showing a remarkable improvement in skin elasticity and firmness.


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