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How to remove a self-tanning product?

The dark tan that we get by using self-tanning products is a great way to quickly achieve a „fake“tan, but sometimes the wrong application or a minor accident in the self-tanning process can leave unwanted stains - and we believe you want to look beautiful and shiny all year round!

Tips And Tricks For Removing Self Tanning Product La Piel

Fortunately, there are several very simple ways and home methods to remove stains. But before you embark on the self-tanning process, read our tips and tricks for properly applying self-tanning and removing products you won’t even need! It certainly takes a little practice, but also patience, to apply self-tanning products perfectly, which can be a ‘problem’ for beginners.

But don't worry! Although it sometimes might seem like a nightmare, self- tanning will become your favorite way to get a glowy tan without sun exposure and harmful UV radiation. The reason for this is that self-tanning is the only safe way to tan - we all know how harmful prolonged sunbathing or using a tanning bed is. If you are still hesitant to try self-tanning again because you have experienced a striped, uneven and orange color sometimes in the past, we are here to convince you to try again. Avoid common mistakes in self-tanning, and with a few tips and tricks use your self-tanning product like a pro.



Since no one is a self-tanning professional right at the beginning, we all (unfortunately) learn from mistakes, but in order to repair the damage as quickly and easily as possible, we bring you a few simple ways to remove self-tanning products. However, keep in mind that if you have exfoliated your body and removed dead skin cells before applying the self-tanning product, removing darker stains may be a bit more difficult in the first few days.


Exposure to steam and high temperatures will help you remove dark tan. This may not be the first tip to take, but it will definitely help you remove the self-tanning product from your skin more easily. Sweating can help remove stains caused by improper application of self-tanning products, so take advantage of the sauna and let the heat and moisture further soften the tan layer. When finished, gently rub the skin with a wet towel in a circular motion to give the skin extra exfoliation.


Bath Tips And Tricks For Removing Self Tanning Product La Piel

If you have time, fill the tub and arrange a bath that will relax you at the same time, nourish your skin and make it easier to remove stains. For the bath, use any product you like and add a little oil, for example almond oil. This trick will help you remove the uneven tan, because the oil with the bath deeply cleanses your pores and nourishes your skin.


If your attempt at self-tanning went wrong and spots appeared on your body, before exfoliating your body, first apply oil to the skin and let it absorb. The oil will help soften your skin so you won't have to "rub" your body strong and rough. You can use any baby body oil or even natural oil such as olive or almond, which will soften dead skin cells that have received too much pigment from the self-tanning product, but also nourish the skin along the way.


We can tell you with certainty that a good exfoliation is the key to removing stains - just be careful not to rub too hard, as this can irritate your skin. Also, the peeling is ideal to do after you have "bathed" the skin of the body in an oil that deeply breaks down the tan obtained from self-tanning products, which means that you will not need to rub the peeling hard. The oil will soften your skin and make it easier to remove the color.


Although it may sound strange at first, use a razor to remove the tan from your skin. Have you ever got the impression that a freshly applied product comes off when you shave? Well, you noticed well! Shaving is actually an "extra" peel, and any peel helps in this situation. So apply a gentle shaving foam and shave the parts where you have stains.


Body Wash Sponge Tips And Tricks For Removing Self Tanning Product La Piel

Another helper for removing self-tanning products is the well-known body wash sponge. When taking a shower or bath that also helps you remove the self-tanning product, reach for a body wash sponge and gently rub the parts of your body where your tan is uneven or with stains and from which you want to remove the self-tanning product.


You’ve probably already heard that lemon, its juice and zest can be used to help with almost any disaster when it comes to the body. But be careful - do not overdo it with the amount you will apply to the body to avoid irritation. And by no means use lemon for facial skin, but only for the body. There are several different ways you can use lemon juice to remove fake tan. Whatever you choose, first test on a small area of ​​skin that the lemon juice does not irritate your skin. Squeeze a few lemons and carefully apply it to all areas from which you want to remove stains. Let it soak in and then wipe the skin with a slightly rougher towel. Another way is to squeeze the lemon juice on a clean glove to apply the self-tanning product (or hand towel), add a little water, and then heat in the microwave for about 2 minutes. Allow to cool slightly, then rub on areas where you have not evenly applied the self-tanning product. The heat activates the alpha hydroxy acid in a yellow-brown color which makes it fade.

If these home tips still don't help, go to the nearest drugstore and look for products for removing self-tanning products (such as a removal glove).



Sometimes our skin doesn’t “cooperate” as we would like or we apply it quickly and imprecisely so instead of a nice tan we have skin with uneven tone and stains. Below we bring you some of the main mistakes that can happen when using a self-tanning product and how to fix them. Thank us later! 😊


Body Scrub Coffee Matcha La Piel

When it comes to applying self-tanning products, do you apply it without any skin preparations? It's time to start! Your first step to a darker tan is peeling your skin. Dead skin cells can accumulate on the surface of your skin, the skin becomes dry and then absorbs the self-tanning pigment faster, which can lead to an uneven tan which is why exfoliation is such an important step. When exfoliating, pay special attention to areas that are dry and rough - such as heels, knees and elbows.


The skin on some parts of the body may be more dry than on the rest of the body, so it absorbs more product, which causes uneven tan and stains on the skin. When you have finished exfoliating your body, it is crucial to apply a moisturizer. To ensure hydration of the whole body, apply the body cream, paying special attention to areas that are often dry - elbows, knees, heels… This will ensure that your whole body is hydrated and that it absorbs the self-tanning product evenly, so your new tan will be even and stainless.


Do you want your palms to look darker than the rest of your body? We think you don't! If you use a product that requires you to rub the product directly on the skin, use a glove to make it easier to apply the self-tanning product, to avoid stains on your palms. In addition, the glove itself allows you to apply the self-tanning product on the skin more easily and evenly.


When self-tanning, it is easy to think that you have covered all your skin. However, areas that tend to wrinkle, such as wrists, knees and elbows, may not get the required self-tanning product coverage. Be sure to bend these areas so you can enjoy a flawless tan without unevenness. Remember - these are also key places to exfoliate and moisturize before self-tanning as they are very often drier than other parts of the body.


If some parts of your body are extremely dry, as may be the case with the skin on your heels and hands, we recommend that you do not apply a self-tanning product to these parts. The reason for this is that such dry parts absorb too much pigment from the self-tanning product which can result in an uneven and darker tan than the rest of the body. Using a glove or kabuki brush, "blend" the transition to the hands and feet, and if you still want the self-tanning product on those parts of the body, apply the self-tanning product as on the rest of the body, but do not leave it for 8 hours but wash it earlier.


Shaving Tips And Tricks For Removing Self Tanning Product La Piel

If you want your tan to last as long as possible, it would be wise to avoid shaving after using a self-tanning product. Once you’ve achieved a flawless tan, do you really want to “shave” your perfectly bronze skin? We believe not! Be sure of the long-lasting tan and shave before applying the self-tanning product.


We all have places we need to be, but once you’ve applied the self-tanning product, you should be patient and wait for the product to dry. This means you shouldn’t put on your favorite skinny jeans right after that. Instead, wait for your self-tanning product to dry completely before putting on your clothes, and when it does, opt for loose, dark clothes to further avoid stains. If you are in a hurry, instead of waiting for your skin to dry out after applying the self-tanning product, gently dry your skin by cold adjusting the blow-dryer to speed up the process. We definitely recommend applying the self-tanning product before going to bed, since there is the least possibility of "removing" the paint due to sweating, contact with water, etc.


Now that you know that the main reason for stains and uneven tan are not the products themselves, but mistakes in the preparation and application of self-tanning products, we believe that you will pay more attention to them next time. With following our tips and tricks for applying self-tanning products, enough patience and practice, we are sure that you will become professionals in self-tanning and that you will have a beautiful tan ALL YEAR ROUND!


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