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An oil that works wonders for your body

The magic of grape seed oil

Grape seed oil is an oil of extremely fine texture (used to lubricate the clock mechanism!), rich in linoleic fatty acid, sterols, and cold pressed oil also contains vitamin E, a high content of tocotrienols (stronger antioxidants than tocopherols) and smaller amounts of proanthocyanidins. The oil is quickly absorbed and leaves the skin satin soft without a trace of oil. It is great for the care of all skin types, and especially for sensitive and dehydrated oily skin.

It is obtained by the process of cold pressing grape seeds, and then by gentle refining to remove the unpleasant odor.

The oil is rich in vitamins, minerals, linoleic acid and other essential fatty acids, which strengthen skin cells and help hydrate them. It contains a large amount of vitamin E. It leaves a beautiful satin feeling on the skin. It is highly recommended for acne-prone skin and for oily skin. It has a mild astringent effect, but penetrates well into the skin, which is why it is used in aromatherapy. It is an excellent addition to creams, lotions, lip balms, especially for those intended for dry and prematurely aged skin.

And of course, it is impossible not to notice the fact that grape seed oil is useful for improving immunity, has an antitumor effect and protects the cells of our body from the action of free radicals and toxic substances. That is why it has long been valued as a product that preserves health, beauty and youth.

Grape Seed Oil Natural Cosmetics La PIEL Lana Jurcevic

Grape seed oil is one of the highest quality oils

Cold pressing is more often used for wider oil production, a process that is not overcomplicated, but the yield of seeds is lower. The dried seeds, cleaned of skin and other residues, are dried and placed in a press. It is easiest to compare it to a meat grinder. Pellets come out of it, and before the end of the process, oil comes out on a sieve.
Production through the supercritical state is more complicated because the seeds are ground and produced under high pressures and certain temperatures with the addition of carbon dioxide. Grape seed oil is one of the highest quality, in terms of vitamins and minerals, richer even than olive oil. Dry seeds make up about 2% of grapes, and depending on the variety and year, 8 to 15% of oil is obtained from the seeds.

Beneficial effect of grape seed oil

Grape seed oil contains a lot of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA), mostly omega-6 fatty acids. According to the American Heart Association, PUFAs can be beneficial to your heart if used instead of saturated fats and trans fats in your diet.
Research shows that PUFA can reduce cholesterol and the risk of heart disease. But there’s a catch: Optimal health depends on the proper balance of omega-6 fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids in your body. Most people eat more than enough omega-6 fatty acids and not nearly enough omega-3s.
Studies show that too much omega-6 fatty acids can cause inflammation that can lead to chronic diseases, including cancer. If you are already getting enough omega-6 in your diet, regular intake of grape seed oil can lead to omega-6 intake at unhealthy levels.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a vitamin that acts as a fat-soluble antioxidant and helps protect your cells from free radical damage associated with cancer, heart disease and other chronic diseases. Vitamin E also supports your immune system. Research shows that this can slow the progression of dementia, but more studies are needed.
Vitamin E tolerates heat, and grape seed oil has a high smoking point. But any cooking oil will spoil quickly if overheated. Whenever possible, use raw or cold-pressed grape seed oil in your recipes.

How grape seed oil benefits your skin

The most popular oil in cosmetology, it is quickly absorbed, leaves no greasy glow on the skin, softens, moisturizes, improves the elasticity and resilience of the skin, and also normalizes the balance of fats. These properties are due to vitamins that are part of grape seed oil, as well as substances that contribute to the production of collagen and elastin. To maintain elasticity and a healthy outer layer of the body, use the product in pure form. Apply it daily on the surface of the legs, thighs, abdomen, arms and cleveage with massage movements. After the first weeks of use, the skin will become noticeably more elastic, stretch marks will decrease, the signs of cellulite will disappear and the body will be elastic and taut.

Manages acne

Grape seed oil contains high levels of linoleic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid that can help fight acne by reducing clogged pores. Acne-prone skin has been found to lack linoleic acid, which makes sebum (oil) thick and sticky, leading to clogged pores.
It is also anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial, making it an ideal helper in your fight against breakouts, and can be used as a carrier of tea tree oil, another potential fighter against acne. Bonus: Vitamin E in grape seed oil can help reduce the appearance of acne scars.
Grape Seed Oil For Skin Care Natural Cosmetics La PIEL Lana Jurcevic

Protects against free radicals

Antioxidants found in grape seed oil, such as vitamin C, vitamin E and proantrocyanidin, can help prevent and reverse pollution and skin damage caused by free radicals and UVs. The result? Skin that is smooth and firm - and better protected from more serious problems, such as skin cancer. (Remember: Free radicals are unstable molecules that can destroy the cells of your body).

Moisturizes and balances the skin

Return to fatty acids, which can help improve skin moisture levels by reducing transepidermal water losses (where the skin loses water from the surrounding environment by evaporation). Linoleic acid integrates into cell membranes, thus strengthening the skin barrier, smoothing and softening the skin.

Meanwhile, vitamin E compensates for lost lipids (natural skin fats that help maintain a protective barrier and retain moisture). If your skin is on the oily side, this moisture boost will also help slow down oil production, which usually attacks because your skin thinks it’s too dry.

Reduces inflammation

Some studies show that linoleic acid also has anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce inflammation in the epidermal (upper) and dermal (middle) layers of the skin. In addition, phytosterols (a type of molecule found in plants) of grape seeds can help control the inflammatory response of the skin. This can be helpful for the oil if you have an inflammatory disorder like eczema or rosacea.

Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

In addition to fatty acids, grape seed oil contains polyphenols that help fight premature aging. It is known that polyphenols not only slow down the aging process, but also reverse the signs of aging, such as sunspots, thin lines and wrinkles. The oil also contains natural astringent properties, resulting in firmer skin.

Effects of grape seed oil on health

The beneficial properties of grape seeds are manifested in relation to various body systems, its youth and general condition. The main thing for which a meal is worth - the content of a huge amount of antioxidants. Virtually all the biologically active substances that make up the product have such properties, and their complex makes a powerful weapon against free radicals, heavy metal salts, which means premature aging, tissue wear and oncological formation. The antitumor properties of the meal have been known for a long time, as traditional healers once used it to treat oncology.

Second, the most well-known medicinal property of grape seeds is the ability to maintain the health of the heart and blood vessels, as well as the functioning of the vascular apparatus at an optimal level. Thus, the meal is related to the content of organic acids, flavonoids and chlorophyll, which act on the body in the following ways:

  • normalize blood viscosity
  • helps strengthen and repair damaged capillaries and blood vessels, and this increases circulation and prevents various complications
  • grape seed oil can increase heart and cardiovascular health by lowering bad LDL cholesterol levels and increasing good HDL cholesterol levels which reduces the risk of coronary heart disease
  • strengthen the vascular wall
  • normalizes the resistance of veins and arteries
  • eliminate fibrous growths in the lumen of blood vessels
  • grape seed oil contains linoleic acid which is a polyunsaturated fatty acid that is very useful for people who have diabetes
  • optimize the work of the heart muscle
  • normalize heart rate
  • prevent varicose veins
  • reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack
  • warn of hemorrhoids
  • improve blood circulation in peripheral tissues
  • after any surgery or injury, grape seed oil reduces swelling

Unlike grape pulp, the seeds do not contain a large amount of sugar, so they can be safely consumed internally with diabetes, as an antioxidant and pancreatic regulator. In this disease, the vasoprotective properties of the product are also suitable. Bones protect vision, prevent the development of diabetic retinopathy.

It is also known about the beneficial effects of the product on the condition of the digestive system. The nucleus cleanses the intestines, has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Fatty and organic acids stimulate the removal of bile, improve fat digestion and reduce cholesterol levels. The ability of seeds to improve metabolic processes and cleanse the body is useful in the weight loss process. The properties of grape seeds are important for the male body, because the product:

  • improves spermatogenesis
  • prevents impotence
  • protects the prostate from cell degeneration
  • improves blood circulation in the pelvis

For women, a special advantage of the product lies in its ability to keep the skin young, prevent gynecological diseases, regulate the cycle. Phytosterols in combination with calcium and ergocalciferol contribute to maintaining bone strength and prevent menopausal osteoporosis.

Grape seed oil for healthy hair

Grape seed oil can improve the condition of your hair and scalp. If you have dandruff, which is often caused by dry scalp, applying moist grape seed oil to the skin can help loosen dead skin and restore moisture. Some natural oils, including olive oil and coconut oil, are good for your hair, but make it greasy and heavy. Grape seed oil is light and has no such effect. When applied to the hair, grape seed oil adds moisture, strength and shine.

Try massaging a few tablespoons of grape seed oil (more or less, depending on the length of your hair) into your hair and scalp before shampooing.

Grape seed oil is used as a natural remedy for baldness. Linolenic acid is thought to promote hair growth. The oil contains flavonoids called procyanidin oligomers. These are powerful antioxidants. In vitro and in vivo studies show that procyanidin oligomers can promote hair growth, but more research is needed.

Grape Seed Oil Hair Care Natural Cosmetics La PIEL Lana Jurcevic

Benefits of grape seed oil for hands and nails

The nail plate is exposed to external stimuli on a daily basis. Nails are affected by weather conditions, household chemicals, abrasive particles. So you have to constantly take care of your hands. Systematic use of grape seed-based oils will prevent the separation of nail plates, their fragility and partially remove the yellow color (important for smokers). The composition has a favorable effect on the cuticle and periungual roller, softening the skin in those areas. It becomes a particularly useful product in summer and winter, when frost and the scorching sun negatively affect the hands.

Tocopherol, present in the oil, is considered a natural anti-fungal vitamin. Therefore, the composition of grapes can be applied to the soil by fungal formations.

Uses grape seed oil for pregnant women

During pregnancy, a woman’s body changes completely. The look does not go unnoticed. Breasts increase significantly, stretch marks remain after a growing belly. In order not to face many problems after pregnancy, it is necessary to raise the tone and elasticity of the skin in advance. Grape seed oil must be used in the massage technique. Performing regular procedures, rub the composition into the skin of the chest and abdomen.

This process should be maintained daily throughout the pregnancy. Among other things, the epidermis will find better elasticity. With grape seed oil, the body receives a large number of valuable elements needed by the baby and the young mother through the pores.

Side effects of grape seed oil

Short-term treatment with this oil usually does not produce any side effects. Experts recommend limiting treatment with this oil to no more than 12 weeks to reduce the risk of developing side effects.

Mild oil-related side effects include:

  • high blood pressure
  • headache
  • dizziness
  • nausea

You may also find that your scalp becomes unusually dry and causes severe itching. If you experience any of these symptoms and are concerned, consult your doctor.

People allergic to grapes will not be able to take this oil. Those taking various cholesterol-lowering and blood pressure medications should first talk to their doctor before taking any extracts, including grape seed oil.

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Natural Cosmetics Grape Seed Oil La PIEL Lana Jurcevic


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