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5 tips for boosting your immune system


News, TV, newspaper... We get a milion information from all sides. Some are in panic, while others do not fall under the influence of the media and bad news.  But no matter what, taking care of yourself should always be a priority. Having a good immune system is a marathon, not a 50 meter race. 


1. DIET-  Cabbage, ginger, garlic, red pepper, spinach, beets, nuts are just some of the foods that boost our immune system. We do not get sick because of exposure to a virus, but because our immune system is not strong enough to resist it. Viruses can do very little harm to a strong immune system. Fruits and vegetables are source of vitamins, minerals and iron which plays one of the crucial roles when it comes to health, especially for female body. If you are a meat lover and you can't do without it, then we recommend red meat or fish. 

2. MOVEMENT AND EXERCISE - they may forbid us to go to gatherings and big events and they may advise us to avoid contacts with others, but no one can forbid us to go for a walk, at least around the house, go to the park, wood or by any dose of peace and fresh air. Purify your thoughts, body and take a deep breath. All of this affects our immune system. 

3. HAND WASHING - they taught us how to properly wash hands when we were children and today a very thought of skipping washing hands for several times a day draws fear into our bones due to epidemics all around us. 

4. STRESS - the worst is when they tell us: "Don't get upset." In fact, that is almost impossible. Or is it still possible? The most important thing is to understand what is really important nowadays, and what is less. Everyday stress eats us up, so it is important to solve a particular problem and think positively as much as possible. 

5. SLEEPING - a good sleep is 70% of a good and quality day. Concentration, immunity and psychophysical condition will largely depend on how and how much do we sleep. That doesn't mean we should sleep for 12 hours, but at least for 6 hours. You know the best when your body "is shutting down". Listen to it!   



Take care of yourself, at all times and every day! 

Your, La PIEL





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